2H frost DK PVP stat help

Death Knight
I can not find the stat priority for 2H frost DK PVP. I looked in arena junkies and elistist jerks but the mainly go over PVP before patch 4.0 or PVE stats. Please help with gems, reforging, etc. Thanks.
I don't know for sure, but i would assume you are going to stack mastery, reforge all crit for mastery, and use yellow sockets for strength haste. Get to your spell pen min with your blue sockets. All red goes strength.
check my armory, was playing frost in bgs today and was sh!tting on everything in sight with this gear setup and spec.
I really should reforge my PvP gear mastery. Hadn't really thought about it until now.
Copy my armory basically.

Gemming is the same. 135 spell pen from 4 blue gems + cloak enchant, then all str (unless your stacking resilience).

As much pvp gear as possible. Use the wrathful sigil.

I'm geared and gemmed offensively, you can either do what i'm doing, have about 1200 resilience and a few pve offpieces (277 bracers, av exalted ring, pve neck), or you can go FULL pvp gear and stack resilience. I prefer the offensive setup as I can usually get a healer on me, even in a pug.

Reforging: mastery. Reforge every single piece you have to mastery. If you have any excess hit (pvp cap is 164) that you can reforge without dropping too low, do that first. After that you steal from your crit to put mastery on every single piece you have.

That's it. For Runeforges I like Cinderglacier and FC for different reasons.

Goldenfall is running pretty much the same thing with more resilience, a bit less attack power, and razorice. And the results are the same, you cleave entire teams to death with a healer backing you up.
i'm running FC and swordbreaking on the OH.

Its so incredibly annoying to get disarmed for 10 sec by warriors, rogues, even priests with their new fear.

but yeh .. runeforge plavor aside .... pretty much reforge mastery on every possible slot. For frost, rest assure of one thing: Mastery > haste or crit.
Shunyata, just out of curiosity, what presence do you typically perform in?
unholy, always

i would never talent IFP for 2h or dw in a pvp frost spec, you should literally always be using unholy presence.
unholy, always

Is that just for the added haste or is there another reason?
The 1.0 sec GCD is THE reason. The haste and run speed are freebies.

130 RP for frost strike spam + 1.0 sec GCD = dead things
@ Goldenfail

Why would you use Razorice? In the wrath pvp environment there is no way you are going to build up enough stacks for that to be in anyway viable.

Use FC or Cinder.

I've been having really good success rolling in as DW frost, ToT causes our abilities to hit harder. Oblit and FS hit like a truck.
not saying its better, but Razorice procs of anything physical you do. Not only your auto attacks with the weapon. Even taunt procs a charge. After 3-4 sec on melee range with someone its guaranteed you'll have 5 stacks (given you are dw) ....

again not saying its better, but they way it procs changed a lot.

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