DPS increase?

There hasn't been any recent changes has there?

I say this because since yesterday Ive been top DPS by a tenfold in every heroic dungeon. Ive been in groups with mages, warriors, DK's and still come out on top. On Mal' Ganis I alone did 50% of the damage caused. Just finished Violet Hold and I overall did 32% of the damage caused with the warrior tank coming in at second with only 21% of the damage caused lol

I had been top every once in awhile before, but now it seems like its every dungeon and before I'd usually always be competing with someone, like a warrior, dk or mage. I feel like my holy power builds up faster now too, unless Ive just been getting lucky.

I haven't looked through my talents since I first re-spec'd for 4.0.1 but Ive had Judgement, Holy Wrath, Exo along with CS build up my Holy Power at some point, Ive been dishing TV's to no end. Actually TV is my highest causing damage skill accounting for 19% of my damage when before it was usually always HoW. CS comes in second and HoW is now averaging 3rd.

Idk lol maybe Im just improving even more in the rotation but I can honestly say, Ret PVE is just kicking some major booty right now and Im having loads of fun.
What happened is you probably finally got used to the rotation and how it works.
Yeah, I agree. Once you start figuring out holy power more, you really start to skyrocket on healing, damage, or tanking.

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