"easiest" dps spec?

Death Knight
I haven't played my DK in ages, and certainly not since the new patch. My question is, and don't laugh, is which is the easiest spec? I used to love my Wrath-launch blood DK for the complexity but after playing a pally too long I got lazy and didn't like all the complex rotations. I know that both Unholy and frost are still complicated but which is the least of a headache. Thanks in advance.
Frost is probably less complicated than Unholy.
Between the two Frost is much less complicated, can be either dual wield or 2Her, and can pull comparable numbers.
You have to perfectly time your deathcoils as unholy to gain the most out of runic corruption. You are best off playing frost, you have to manage procs.
Frost with 2H right? That's what I was considering.
There's no major differences between 2h and DW frost except the presence you use.

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