Fellow Priests.

im prast

BTW, we are much better looking....
Troll priest be the sexiest of them all.
BTW, we are much better looking....
tier 6

nuff said.
Reporting in.
Sup Priesty dudes and chicks.
Poasting for troll/priest goodness #1...
...and #2.
Yes, I'm another female BE priest, but I USED to be a blueberry. Does that count? Probably not. I'll shut up and enjoy the priestiness!
I am pretty sexy.
Tier 6 was the sexiest tier. Ever. Do want :(
Oh, haiiiii!!!!!

This is my second Priest. Main is spec'd Holy and Shadow and have always wanted to see what Disc is like. Love all 3 specs!!!
I'm like the Justin Timberlake of the undead.

more like justin beiber

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