Zombiefest after patch 4.0.1?

I've been trying to do zombiefest. It's not working when i pull the zombies into the town hall they despawn. Is there something special i need to do?
It's been changed a bit. I know it's annoying when so many get it done the easy way and then the instance is changed so much later... Anyway, what we recently did was to:

1. Play instance as normal until 2nd Boss spawns
2. Kite him to as close to the doorway of the inn as possible (interrupts help. while kiting him into the inn causes him to despawn, the house beside the inn does not)
3. Hold the 2nd boss until the little zombies respawn
4. Kill 2nd Boss
5. Clear through the inn
6. Once the time-stopping 3rd boss is dead, split the group in two and send one group back to the entrance of the inn and the other near the start of the alley
7. The Entrance group needs to start off first and gathering up zombies (they start to hurt once you have a lot...be careful)
8. Once the first group has as many as they can handle, start killing zombies and the Alley groups starts blazing down the alley
9. ???
10. Profit
edited because typing is hard...haha
I'm trying it now.
This works, we got it doing like this last week.
The final gauntlet has 100 zombies. We just put our heads down, flapped our arms in the air and ran screaming through the gauntlet. Warrior tank, priest healer, mage, hunter and warlock. Just shy of the mid-point we started aoe killing zombies.

The icy blast or cone of cold or whatever it is those silly non-elites do is a pita, esp for the tank since he's attracting all the unwanted attention away from the rest of the group.

edit~ Forgot to mention, don't talk to Arthas before starting your run pell mell through the gauntlet. He stops to bop zombies on the head, and that's a bad thing.
What I did to a help a friend:
-Pull 2nd boss into house to the right of Inn when it's at ~20%.
-Have the tank go in it only, and have the rest wait for the tank.
-Have tank hump the wall and not aggro Zombies.
-Talk to Arthas, run dungeon normally; do achivement normally.

Zosima is correct in terms of completing it also.
did pritty much what zosima said had a holy pally put on his pvp gear and run to the other side of the map getting all the zombies then i just hurracane them boom got it
I got stuck in a LFD pug last night where the undergeared tank and a warlock were the only ones wanting to try this achievement.

Gave it a few shots, but the tank could never get the first group beyond 45ish zombies because half would vanish before he could kill them, so the second group wouldn't even bother to go kill the remaining 20 ior so from past Chronos (or whatever his name is).

Not a hard achievement to get with a group who all want to do it and who know the strategy, but people really need to stop jumping into a lfd pug with a single friend and then expect the other 3 people to also want to get them this achievement. The only reason i have seen people get kicked from CoT anymore is when one person decides they want zombiefest and make the rest of the group miserable until they get kicked or drop group.
I gathered up the entire first half of the instance and watched the counter go up to about 60, but then while it still said 45sec left, it reset to zero and started counting again.. so I only got like 7.

What's that about? :(
Here is how I did it:

Cleared through the instance until the beginning of the gauntlet.
Tank and Healer (Had 2 healers for this) port out and port back in, then grab all of the zombies in the first part.
I grabbed about 20 or so from the gauntlet (DPS killed the elites)
I kited the ones on me to the beginning of the Inn.
The tank kited all of his zombies to just outside of the Inn door.
We AOE'd them all down, and came out to 97.
The Rogue sprinted back down to the gauntlet and killed 3 more zombies.

Grats on achievement.
Do you have to not attack any zombies before you attempt this achievment?
Do you have to not attack any zombies before you attempt this achievment?

Thing is they will not respawn in the front , after the second boss is down . SO kill them as normal kite the second boss to the begining of the next phase of the dungeon and not kill him untill all the zombies respawn.
Folks I found the easiest solution ever. Instead of doing all the planning, I simply wandered around, gathering up zombies. I went through each area several times. Running ahead a bit, the target mobs such as the ghouls are faster than the zombies, hence could single target them. I went through the first boss, then just ran around like an idiot. By the time the second was ready fer me I had over 150 zombies following me. Aoe the whole lot.

Easy peasy!
Do you even read the date, derp.
Should be some sort of Achievement for digging up five year old threads.

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