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OK so I enojy pvp and I do decent im not great not bad.

Ever since the patch i feel as im doing something major wrong with my gear or talents

SO what I need is for some ppl to look over my talents gear and glyphs and tell me what im lacking or need to do.

Friends say i need to reforge to mastery but I feel like i die before i every get a proc mindblast off.

Mainly for PVP that is the gear i have on right now but would like to maybe do some dungeons with the say talent build in shadow.

Flame me give me suggestions laugh at me whatever just curiuos
Your gear looks fine, and shadow's a decent PvP spec.

When you PvP, do you go off by your own, or do you run with a pack?
Normally On my own because so many ppl will not do the objective and that is what i like to do. like is WSG ppl will just fight at bottom of the GY and not even try to get flag so im alone a lot trying to do that
So anymore help

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