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Greetings, World's End Tavern folks!

For the longest time I've been debating whether or not to post my story here, but what with the shiny new forums and all I figured it wouldn't hurt. Since the story is over 120 pages long so far and forum posts have a 5,000 character cap, I'll just link it instead:


This is the story of Vaala Dawnstrike, a Scryer spy who strikes a bargain with Illidan Stormrage in exchange for her life. Elsewhere, a group of refugees from Tempest Keep set out on the long journey home. Updated weekly.

(Mandatory addenda, fanfiction.net is a well-known website and is in no way, shape or form after your 'keyz')

Feedback would be very appreciated. Enjoy~!
I felt bad for nobody seeing this, so I replied to it so it could go to the front page (I hope). Its a good story, too. I don't want it to go to waste. Your welcome, Vaala.

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