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+1 Need a wp7 authenticator, I'm not calling a number to get a code every time I want to log into wow. I'm sure it sounded like a great idea in the meetings, but its a crappy idea.
lol, good one - move from a proven platform to a new one with less content...but hey, if you love xbox live then go hard
How many apps does WP7 have compared to iPhone or Android?
Seeing as how it came out roughly a month ago, you cant compare the numbers, but its growing rapidly everyday, All the big popular apps are already ported over, Netflix, OpenTable, Etc. More apps come out every single day.

Assuming *!*# doesn't help anyone. Plus it makes you look stupid for making up your mind about a NEW PLATFORM before its been out long enough to do anything. Android was dead for the longest time when it came out, it only recently started getting hot. It took them till 2.0/2.1 to get rolling, 1.5, 1.6 were out for so long without anything, and mediocre to non-existent apps. WP7 has far more apps in the first month than Android did. Hell android still doesn't have apps that the iPhone AND Windows Phone 7 have already.

I hate people that talk out their ass like they know anything.
12/01/2010 9:07 PMPosted by Healburger
It will probably happen eventually. It took a long time for android to get these things.

My two cents: An authenticator is much better than a mobile authenticator. Your authenticator can be left at home, while your cell phone is taken everywhere and is subject to damage making it inoperable. Say your cell phone was lost, stolen or broken and you had the mobile authenticator, you would have to fax your info to blizz to get the authenticator removed...That is kind of a pain.

For this reason, I do not use a mobile authenticator.

not true, ive lost one key authenticator that broke off and another ones just up and died on me after only using it for a month. i tried downloading the mobile authenticator, twice, on my current cell phone but for some reason it wont download.
I'm on board with wanting to see the Mobile Authenticator and Armory on WP7. Picked up a Samsung Focus this weekend and am loving it.

I did notice an App in the market place called BATTLE.NET AUTHENTICATOR released by a Robert Garfoot on 12/11/2010. However it isn't an official Blizzard product and I'm dubious to go near it.

Though if Mr. Garfoot was able to knock out a clone relatively fast, where's our official one?

People bought WP7 phones? Most people are waiting for the Verizon iPhone which may or may not ever happen.
I hate to be a thread necromancer, but this was the most popular WP7 thread in the search.

I'd really like to see a Mobile Armory/Remote AH/Authenticator on the WP7. I really enjoy the phone (Even if I wish I got a Focus instead) and having some sort of syncronisation with WoW would be nice.

The current WoW Armory app is pretty good, but nothing would top an official Blizzard made Armory app. I have used the iPhone App and it is very nicely made and one of the few things I miss on WP7.

Here's to you blizz.
Can I get one for my Kin? No? How about my Zune HD? Still no? How about WM or CE?...

Ugh, us Microsoft users just can't catch a break nowadays...
I also would love to have an Authenticator for my Windows Phone 7. Serious question: will I get banned for using the one that's already on the Marketplace?
Still interested in knowing the policy regarding the Battle Net Authenticator currently available on the Zune Marketplace. Should I open a ticket in game?
WP7 is awesome, and giving it the apps would be legendary.
12/30/2010 7:25 PMPosted by Crissaegria
Can I get one for my Kin? No? How about my Zune HD? Still no? How about WM or CE?...

Ugh, us Microsoft users just can't catch a break nowadays...

...You bought a Kin? Whoa.
Also interested in a WP7 phone authenticator! Or at least would like to know if it's safe to use the one made by Garfield.
I just moved over to a WP7 (HTC Surround) from an iPhone 3G and I'm loving it. However, I do miss the WoW Armory application. C'mon Blizzard, get this app out there!

I use a physical authenticator. I never liked the idea of needing my cell to play WoW, because cell phones can easily get destroyed by, say, jumping in a pool with one in your pocket. :P

You can get an Authenticator for windows mobile 7 here http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/wp7/download-battle-net-authenticator.html

and you can get a mobile armory here http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/wp7/download-wow-armory.html

Now keep in mind these are 3rd party and are not from Blizzard.
I use the WP7 autenticator that is currently on the marketplace. Have been using it for a month without issues.

Also interested if Armory/Authenticator is coming from blizzard. I loved using the auction house on my phone but canceled it due to not being able to use it on the focus.
12/01/2010 9:08 PMPosted by Plants
No because WP7 flopped hard in the US.

Nokia just dropped their operating system to upgrade all their smartphones with WP7 by 2012.

whoa.. and coincidentally just released early shots of their first model.
They haven't even released mobile armory on the Android yet.

Guess they're stuck in 2008, Android has overtaken iFail as the most popular smartphone, get with the times Blizz it's 2011..

As for WP7, get in line behind Android.

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