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02/11/2011 2:42 PMPosted by Shortribz
Nokia just dropped their operating system to upgrade all their smartphones with WP7 by 2012.

Hahaha, Nokia is so stupid, jumping from one sinking ship to another.. They'll wish they went with Android when they go bankrupt in a few years.
Please release a battle.net mobile authenticator for Windows Phone 7.
Not worth it to spend resources to develop the authenticator/armory for failed platforms. If it wasn't failed, MS wouldn't have spent god knows how many billion getting Nokia to use WP7.
If you are unfortunate enough to be among the ones that bought a WP7 phone: I'm sorry.
It is not failed, it has shown a faster marketplace growth rate than android did its first year and it already has more apps than iPhone did in its first year and a half.
Gotta love the people that are in this thread for no other reason than to troll WP7, on an MMO website no less. I appreciate the trolling effort! You're really going out of your way to find places to troll. Well done.

It wouldn't cost Blizzard too much to do a WP7 app, but I'm sure they'll wait until it gains more market traction before supporting the platform. Remember that you not only have to program apps, but also provide ongoing support as well. There's probably not enough WP7 users out there right now for them to break even on the development effort, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.
Also own this OS, bring on the app!
It will happen eventually. It's a solid platform, despite the updates being delayed. 12,000(ish) apps isn't anything to sneeze at. Not quite the 300,000+ from Apple but honestly who uses that many apps? :)

I know the thread is old but so is the Universe and it's pretty awesome? So, anyhow, it would be nice to see some of the WoW mobile apps for WP7. :D
Adding my 2 cent for the Authenticator. Also, my Samsung Focus rocks so much. Pretty much the best phone I have ever used.
Been seeking a WP7 moblie app. I do not trust this dial in BS. It has not once asked me to call a number, and I use 2 differnt computers at my home and have used my girlfriends in another state. My HTC HD7 is frickin awesome and I would love to have an app for that as well. Thanks Blizz!!
LOL @ this thread. Nokia jumping from one sinking ship to another? WP7 flopping hard?
failed platform?

wp7 ftw

lets see the app!
This thread isn't going to die. :)

Wp7 apps please.
Yes please, bring on the Apps for Windows Phone 7!!!!
WP7 app plz
Over 5 months later and we're still waiting for an official authenticator application. Good think a 3rd party took the time to provide us something to use for the time being. I'd like to see the WP7 armory app and the chat app as well too.

I've always developed Windows Mobile devices so I do not plan on moving to the Android or the iPhone. Give some love to all of your community! :)

I haven't seen a single thread regarding WP7 responded to by a blizzard poster. Can we receive at least a statement about Blizzard's stance on WP7?
Wp7 sucks.
T-Mobile G2x, the holy grail of android. I'm hiring lobbyists to sway congress to make marrying this phone legal in my state. Just wanted to add that. Hope you get your mobile authenticator for that inferior OS, bro.

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