ITT post what comps you think will be IMBA!

combat would be really cool if they fixed a few things in the tree. killing spree is really clunky, if you're gonna blow a big DPS ability to try and score a kill the last thing you want to do is jump around to every target, not to mention it has a long CD now that the glyph has been changed and restless blades isn't ideal for a pvp environment imo. the mastery also sucks really bad in the tree but assassination and sub look really good so can't really complain, i know some classes have it worse right now.
demon lock/bm hunter/resto druid O.o
RLS and RMP i think will be two very strong comps in season 9 tho :/
RMP, what else can priest play O.o

You need to try shadow these days my friend. All of the "hey i made a shadow priest to PVP not be some ones mana battery" has made us PVP orinated again.. i really hope blizz does not change this.
I like waffles. That is all.
Gonna play feral/holy palli 2's with a mate.

Incredible survivability, kiting defense, and ability to put insane pressure on in short period of time combined with chainable CC of HoJ>cyclone.
Definitely thinking arms + frostdk + resto shaman.

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