Certain Shaman Talents

Ancestral Swiftness
Totemic Reach

All of these talents, I think, are useful PvP talents...
And yet we've got a few problems with them.

For one, Ancestral Swiftness is required for every Shaman spec, both PvE and PvP. No Shaman plays the game without it. Why is this a talent, if literally every spec puts points into it?

Toughness is only required for PvP... and yet many PvP specs tend to forgo it for more important things. I have it right now in my own pvp spec, but I'm starting to think it's not worth it, and may instead spend those points towards Searing Flames. It will probably be a good idea, even with totem stomping.

Then there's Totemic Reach... Everybody hates this talent. Everybody. I've decided to take the points out of it the next time I log in, because even in my PvP spec, it's just not worth the points.

So what do we need to do about it? Well, here's what I think:
  • 1. Make instant-cast Ghost Wolf baseline.

  • 2. MERGE Toughness and Ancestral Swiftness into Ancestral Fortitude - For 2 points, it will increase run speed by 15%, HP by 10%, and will reduce all snare effects on you by 30%. It will replace the tier 2 spot that Ancestral Swiftness was at, making it accessible to Resto and Ele.

  • 3. Just remove Totemic Reach, and double the range of every freaking totem in the game, including totems like Earthbind. (Okay, maybe that would be too much, but at least Searing Totem and the buff totems)
cooooool interesting GO BEARS oooooo oh wait this isn't Nfl.com forums oppps my bad

What the hell does that have to do with my post? =\
I like that idea.

Totemic reach and totemic focus are so annoying; I don't get why they're still in the game.

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