How many GBs do I need to play wow?

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Edit: Posting this in Oceanic General because I am playing from Australia just to be clear ;)

When I was living with my father I had unlimited internet so I never worried about it, but now that I have moved out I will be getting a plan with a limited amount of download.

How many gigabytes will I be needing to play wow per month?Furthermore, what plans do you guys use that are reasonably priced? I was thinking about going with TPG because they give the most for the least amount of money.

Thanks for your help :)
In a month of fairly heavy raiding (6 hrs a day) i used about 3gb download on wow. Any plan will be able to cover your game usage :).
I've heard very good things about TPG and wish that they had been available in my area when I was looking for NakedDSL plans. However there are tonnes of sites around, or stuff along those lines. Also check the whirlpool forums for advice on anything internet.
When I first got my own internet access I was using 5gb per month between WoW and general internet browsing, and that would get fairly tight.

Try a 5gb plan if you can, else get a 10gb that'll cover it easily and any patches coming out.
Awesome, thanks for the information guys.
For patches etc I'd say you want at least 10gig a month these days. That's assuming you don't do much or any youtube / music / movie downloading too. If you need to be able to do that sorta thing then you'd want 20-30+.

As mentioned above, whirlpool is great for finding differences between providers - some allow you to change your line profile settings for better ping too (which may or may not make a difference, but is worth trying).

I work for iiNet so I probably have a bit of a bias but I think the plans here are good :P TPG admittedly have really high usage for low cost plans tho so its worth checking up a few websites and comparing.
I've had big problems with TPG in the past regarding customer service and connection issues. I'm with iPrimus now, who are also pretty good in terms of value for money and have been much less problematic to boot.

Of course, YMMV. I might have just had bad luck with TPG.
I'm on TPG. They're cheap, and for the most part inoffensive, but occasionally you do get what you pay for. Pretty weak customer service, service suddenly degrading for no explainable reason, that sort of nonsense. But when it's working, which is 99.9% of the time, it's fine.
I'm about to get switched on with iinet on a 400GB naked DSL conneciton tomorrow, but i do a lot of other downloading and such

I'd say for just wow, a plan of around 5GB should do ya, leaving some extra just in-case for other things.

But remember, you have to download patches for the game too, and i'm thinkin' patch 4.0.3 is gunna be pretty damn big.

So, if you want to take that into account, i'd suggest at least 10-20GB plans
I'm on bigpond, 50 gig a month and 5 mbps, for 50 bucks a month.
dont think about how much wow will use coz all plans should handle it think about other things like facebook, youtube, torrents, vent, and dont forget random things like drivers patches and msn file transfer add them up and see what you get.
yeah i was wondering how many GB it took because right no i play on a desktop and in going to buy a laptop to play on there when im at the beach or something:)

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