What is "Character Audit" on the armory page?

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Never noticed this before but what is the character audit section of your armory page for and what does it mean when it says you have passed the audit (i.e. what criteria are being used)?
The audit checks if you're fully gemmed, enchanted, glyphed, etc. You pass the audit if you didn't forget anything.
yeah I'm missing the new gem slot in my libram >< It yells at me and makes me sad
well then, the first and only useful feature of the armory , imho...ty for the info.
It's not perfect, on my paladin it complains that I don't have the Inscription tanking shoulder chant, when the sta/resil one is so much better.

She's also missing a few enchants, being a fresh-ish 80 and all, and it misses those as well.

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