I have never played a Druid before, need tips

Cataclysm is on the horizon, and I have decided to retire my warrior. I will be rolling a Druid on December 7th. I would like to know, what is the ideal leveling spec? Also, what heirloom pieces do you recommend? I have access to every possible combination of heirloom gear.

I appreciate any and all advice.
Reesi, you are a fine Druid. That blog was perfect. Thank you thank you.
Right now, both balance and feral are quite ridiculous and would be very fun leveling experiences. You could also go with resto if you prefer instance leveling, but I doubt that with the whole world changing and such.

For balance, get intellect gear; for feral, get agility gear.
I leveled as Cat. Was great fun with some very helpful abilities. Fast kills, can stealth through trash u don't wanna kill and no mana. WOOT
When I leveled I knew nothing about wow or druids in general. I picked a druid because it was a Tauren (they looked cool) and druids in Diablo 3 were awesome. So i was balanced spec'd running around in agi gear.

So I would recommend whatever your play style is. Some people are drawn more to casters and some like melee. The nice thing about a druid is it can full fill all the roles wow has to offer. If you want to be a caster for a while, then go boomkin. If you wanna beat mobs faces in, go feral. If you want to run in circles, heal yourself and spam moonfire then go resto. I personally love feral both my specs are feral. I love tanking and like the DPS "rotation". Druid has always been my favorite class and no matter what alt I play I always come back to the druid.

Go Hybrid or Go Home!

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