Vely's Daily Musing 11/6/10

Death Knight
So I'm going to try and do a Daily Musing post of the Death Knight variety. The things you Find within may be stupid some days, Nerdy the others, or maybe even enlightening. Be ye warned.

Today's Musing:
Tabard of the Lightbringer and You.

By this time in the expansion many of us DKs have acquired our Shadowmournes and invariably with it The Tabard of the Lightbringer. Now you may be wondering "how will I use this item to maximum effectiveness of Awesomeness". Ill give a few of how to make yourself stand out from not only the other players standing around in Dal, IF, and Org (or SW if thats the big place to be on your server) but also other people with the tabard.

1. The bigger you are the more you stand out. Use Elixirs or Winterfall Fire Water to increase your size. It stacks with the Halloween candy so you can be super Gigantic. (Also note the larger you are the larger your blood boil animation becomes.)

2. Transformations make you cooler. The Time Lost Figurine is perhaps the leading forerunner of the pack of item. Nothing is more awesome then a giant birdman with a ball of light surrounding you.

3. Instant Statue Pedestal. Nothing says "Hey Look at me!" like this little TCG item. It makes you strike a pose and grow to twice your size. When combined with your tabard you will have a winning combination of eye candy. (note ISP doesn't work with transformations which is a bummer)

4. Placement. Memory is the key...errr Placement is Key when getting noticed. Try Finding Higher up areas that are still within view of the people below. Popular spots include the railings on the AH bridge in IF and the IF mailbox. The Dalaran Bank Steps and the middle of the circle of wills. The Top of the Org Bank and Right in the door of the Org AH.

Use these useful tips to make yourself truly stand out. Feel free to post your own stories of Tabardy Awesomeness or your own experience of being touched by someone with the Tabard of the Lightbringer.

At 3 Sanity on Yogg-Saron,
May I also recommend getting the shiny shoes buff from everyone's favorite gnome in Dal whenever you use the tabard. Then, like the awesome death knight you are, go to the north bank steps, use the tabard, take your pants off, and dance like you've never danced before. Good memories....
No more Army of The Dead OR ghoul? At least i can still raise this from the dead lol.
I see what you did there.

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