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I just recently wanted to come back to WoW to start playing a month before Cata dropped, and I tried to download the patch on my college computer and the network would never connect to download it. So I copied my friends WoW folder and got to the log on screen but now it won't let me connect to WoW's server...

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Is it best for me to redownload WoW from my managing account page and try to download the patch again or to just keep my friends copy and try and connect to the server? Are the two problems related?

Any advice would be great and thanks in advance

If you connect through a university, corporate, or public network, it is possible for your connection issues to be the result of some additional configurations provided by the network administrators of your network.

Your network administrators will want to allow, and possibly prioritize traffic over ports 1119, 1120, 3724, 4000, and 6112-6114 for both TCP and UDP, as these ports on both protocols are used and reserved through with a direct link to the port listings at .
So...I'm sorry but I am still a little confused as to how to help me connect. Should I contact my network administrator and talk to him about this or what should I do to continue? Would going to the local starbucks and waiting until the patch finishes be a solution??

Contacting your IT department would, indeed, be the best course of action. They are the only people who could unrestrict that port for you.

Good luck!

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