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So, I pre-ordered a hard-copy of Cataclysm before they release the particulars of the digital download.

Anyway, what I'm wondering is, will it be possible to download the content/patches/whatever they're called prior to the release date, but then use the activation key from my hard copy?

The way I understand it is that those who buy a digital copy can download the content prior to the release date, and then, at 12AM, they log in and they're ready to go. I'm hoping I can do this with my hard copy, rather than having to go get the copy, then come home, put in the disc and wait X hours for the game to install from the CD and then input my activation code.

Seems like I'll be a good few hours behind people if this is the case.

Thanks in advance!
Yes, you can download now. Modify your file to show SET accounttype "CT" (just change LK to CT). Next time you run the launcher, it will download the content. Then, when you get your key, just input it in your account area and you should be golden.
How do I modify this file? When I click to open it, it asks me to select which program to use, like it doesn't know what it is or something.

(sorry for the noobiness)
When it asks open it up with a basic text editor like Notepad. I don't know what Mac has. Just don't open it with a word processor (very important).
Ah, that seems to be working. It's downloading something at the moment.

Thanks for the help!

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