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I'm not going to lie, this is probably my single worst habit as a tank. To be fair, I do watch for mana and stop when the healer needs mana (which is rare to never) but the biggest issue i normally have is that the healer will fall asleep or something and be way far back staring at his shoes while i pop cooldowns frantically attempting to live.

that is me and also why i dont do random dungeons so boring and have to listen to people try to be funny :s
There is nothing wrong with a chain-pulling tank. There is, however, a problem when a tank chain pulls without establishing any sort of aggro ....

Big difference between chain pulling and mass pulling. Chain pulling is always the fastest way to get through a dungeon, and takes very little "pre-fight banter". Pull the first group... build up threat and reserve rage/rp/holypower (for the next pull) while getting a feel for the dps and the healer. when the last couple of mobs are 20% (and the next group isn't far away) pull run to the next group while the dps finish off the previous group. Pull earlier for higher dps (realizing you take more dmg when mobs are hitting your back), later for lower dps, and watch your healer's mana. Mass pulling is almost always slower unless everyone severely out-gears the zone (which isn't the case for this thread for new tanks). If you have to run several seconds between groups... its dumb to try to collect both groups before building threat. dps has to wait longer... healer will probably pull aggro because you're getting nuked in the back... and wipes take forever.

tl;dr version: L2Chain pull... don't mass pull.
I have a macro that I hit at the start of every instance. I let the group know I will be pulling quickly, I run with a you pull it you tank it policy, and I don't wait for DPS mana. This warrior is incredibly overpowered right now. 90% of instances my level I am fully capable of soloing. It's rare if I'm not a minimum of 50% of the groups damage done, and double the healers healing. Lower lvl warriors and pallies are both completely unstoppable.

If you don't like the way I run, I also mention you are 100% free to boot me in my macro. I have a instant queue, and a good 85-95% of groups I encounter like and encourage the way I run.

TL;DR If you don't like how the tank does their job, boot them. If the group doesn't want to boot them, you're the minority. Deal with it or leave.
In my experience, it's the healers with the instant queues for leveling dungeons. In either event, I have to back up what a couple others said, it not the chain pulling that causes the problems, it's not establishing threat on everything.

What's more likely the problem is DPS hitting mobs with high damage instants while the tank is still gathering mobs. As a DPS, recognize when the tank has planted his feet and unleashed his high threat AoE move, ie. Swipe, D&D, Consecration/Avenger's Shield, TClap. If the DPS can wait till the tank does both of these (stop and big AoE threat) then start your AoE, runs will go much smoother.
Wait Wat? You mean I'm not suppose to aggro the entire instance and pull them all to the final boss for a AOE fest? Damn, guess I been doing it all wrong for over a year now =)
Wait Wat? You mean I'm not suppose to aggro the entire instance and pull them all to the final boss for a AOE fest? Damn, guess I been doing it all wrong for over a year now =)

don't be silly who wants the run to be fast then the healer might have to alt tab back and actually do some healing *gasp*
I don't wait on dps to drink as a tactic. If the healer is full and I have a dps stopping to regen mana, that makes establishing aggro on my next pull that much easier. Consider that water to be the 4-5 seconds most tanks ask for before dps starts.
Unfortunately the ppl who commit the offenses that folks are complaining about never come to the forums to get the info they need to do a better job.
I'm fairly stationary as a healer, so I hate it when the tank is constantly running just out of range or break LOS with me panting desperately in their wake. ;) I sometimes queue with a tank who's a friend and we go through the whole thing really fast, but they pay attention to my mana and don't run out of range.
I have a tank of each class (and a 2nd paladin, leveling this as prot via LFD) and I disapprove of this message. As a frequent healer, I hate when tanks don't rush through instances. as a DPS, i hate when tanks don't rush through instances (granted, in both cases, I'm talking about rushing through instances while maintaining some degree of control over the mobs pulled). As a tank, I am pulling the first pack and barely paying attention to holding their threat (since I know I can, effortlessly usually, without focusing THAT hard) because I am already either (a) moving onwards towards the next group or (b) setting up myself to pull the next group the moment enough mobs in the current are reasonably dead.

I hate dragging out instances - especially leveling. I want it done so I can get onto the next one, whether it's farming exp or JP. It's not like either while leveling or at 80 are difficult, so I don't see why people would complain. If I'm undergeared, I size up my healer's gear. If they are geared, i pull reasonably fast. If I am overgeared and my healer is undergeared, I pull reasonably fast until I see my health nose diving. If we are both geared and you have issues healing me, then the issue isn't my tanking - its probably your healing.

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