A reason to go on?

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Like real people in the military, your character isn't just a solider, he is a son, a friend, maybe a husband, maybe a father. He is not just a ranking in the military, he is a real person with real emotions and feelings.

When soldiers come home from war, they have to deal with they fact they were gone for so long. Maybe your character is finding all his old friends and family, catching up on old times and basically enjoying life. But when war starts up again, is your character going to be ready to pick up his bow once more and defend, or is he going to think to himself "I served already, let someone else deal with this!"?

There is always a reason to keep fighting, but your character doesn't need to fight every single second of every single day.
Investigate the "Refusal of Return" concept of the Hero's Journey.

I think they did an excellent job of phrasing it in the Return of the King movie:

"How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on... when in your heart you begin to understand... there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend... some hurts that go too deep... that have taken hold."

That can also be taken as a variation of "You Can't Go Home Again." Many Death Knights for isntance are going to be in a position where taking up their old mortal lives simply isn't feasible.

In another vein. The Sin'dorei have been in a position of being recipients of Horde aide. This will be thier chance to demonstrate that they are now full partners and return some of that aide back when the rest of the Horde lands come under attack.

For the less heroic... war always brings new opportunity to the mercenary, the fortune-seeker. This doesn't even begin to exhaust the list of possible reasons to "go on" Just let your imagination be uncaged!
Because Deathwing threatens to consume the whole world in madness and fire?

He's Deathwing, not Cthulhu, there's no madness involved aside from his own. The Old Gods (who really are Eldritch Abominations like Cthulhu) are the ones who would turn the world mad.
He's still gonna light the pretty Belf forests on fire though.
Draenei vs all?
Not to mention there's the old standby: You want MORE. Maybe you feel that after all your race has been through, that the Blood Elves deserve more than just a little corner of the continent. Maybe you want to simply improve the quality of life for your kind. Maybe with the immediate "problems at home" resolved, you wish to strengthen your kind's reputation with your Allies in the Horde by helping fight their battles. Maybe you still hold a grudge against the Humans due to the actions of Garithos and simply wish to sunder more manflesh beneath your blades. There's plenty of motivation to be found.

And if all else fails, have this BE your motivation; maybe your elf is literally trying to find a reason to go on. Sometimes the best journeys have no set destination.

Your beard is huge. O.O

Only warriors have beards.
I have always prided myself on having a back story for my characters as well as a reason/reasons they do what they do in game.
With Arthas defeated in ICC, what would a former Ranger have left? I am struggling to find a reason for him to continue fighting the good fight in game. Any suggestions?
Ya I got a reason, your home is in danger from a grand catalysm and that is worth fighting for, or at least not standing around with nothing to do.

That is the basic one, but you can add a personal touch to it. My blood elf hunter, Liad tel Hunt'ardey, wants to prove that you don't need magic to fight and he sees to make the eventual generations of blood elf children to not be so mana reliant((he sees it as a weakness)). He also wants to prove to his older and undead sister that he can take care of himself without a problem, and because of some mana problems from withdrawal, he is slightly crazy as well and doesn't recognize the meaning of out matched.

Add a touch to your character while keeping the basic goal in sight is what I'm sayin'.
I just checked back to see this thread still going. Jeebus.
I've decided on a reason for him to continue as a ranger bent on the destruction of all that threatens Silvermoon. I just got the world back to right with killing Arthas, I will be damned if some dragon who got too big for his cave is going to muck up all I have accomplished.

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