[Bug] ICC10 Continuation Switching Heroic

Bug Report
In ICC10, our group did bosses 1-6 on Heroic on 03 November 2010.

On 06 November 2010, we went in and did Professor Putricide and the Blood Council on Normal.

After the Blood Council died, the raid leader switched us to Heroic for BQL.

The entire group was immediately teleported from the Blood Council chamber to just inside the entrance of ICC (in the hallway, right by the instance wall).

This is not how switching between Normal and Heroic was operating before.
I've seen this happen, it seems to happen when there are people in the raid who are being saved to the new hardmode instance for the first time.

By being teleported to the entrance, you have the opportunity to leave the instance instead of being saved to the heroic-mode instance. I don't know if this is an intentional side-effect, but it may prove useful if you don't want to do hardmodes in a pug to save the HM lockout for your guild.

This has happened to me also, and the downside is, it resets any trash you've cleared. To avoid this problem going forward, we've been making sure that when we reform the group to continue another night we set it to heroic before we enter for the first time, rather than entering on normal and setting it to hard before a boss.

If you enter with it set on hard it seems to know you're working on the old raid-id setup, and you can toggle back and forth for different bosses without any trouble. You're right that it might have something to do with people not saved to the id.

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