PTR - Can't open the game?

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Hello everyone,

So today I downloaded new PTR for 4.0.3, but when I try to open the game (when clicking on Launch Game button on launcher), I see a black screen then the program don't answer problem when I try to close it. My download is after yellow bar (so setup is done, but not yet on green) I'm using Windows 7 64 bits if it can help. Nvidia GeForce 230x.

Anyone know how to fix this?
Uninstalled the PTR. Will try to reinstall it. Will give news once it's done. I tried on both full screen and windowed mode, but still wasn't working with the other version. Tried running repair tool but it said it couldn't repair it.
Same problem again. So it's not my comp, since live server wow is working perfectly for me. Anyone got the solution?

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