Power Torrent + Arcane Mages?

Hello, just a thought that occured to me.... MMO-Champion has a preview of the new weapon enchantments for cataclysm, and they all seem to be procs (except one for hunters). What interests me is Power Torrent...

"Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase Intellect by 500 for 12 sec when dealing damage or healing with spells."

As we all know, Intellect increases your maximum mana by 15 mana per 1 Intellect. Now, we also have the Arcane Mage mastery:

"Increases all spell damage done by up to 12%, based on the amount of mana the Mage has unspent. Each point of Mastery increases damage done by up to an additional 1.5%"

Is the arcane mastery based on the percentage of unspent mana, or the actual numeric amount? And if it's based on a percentage, will Power Torrent's proc reduce the power you currently get from your mastery, by increasing your maximum mana without increasing your current mana?
yes i'm sure it'll reduce the damage your mastery deals but the spell power bonus from the 500 int is WAY more then what you lose in mastery, i can maybe see it going the other way in T14 with 100% mastery though.

Considering how low the stats on heroic t11 gear are, I doubt you'll see anything above 50% mastery from Deathwing's heroic loot.
Oh, I'm sure that the power from 500 Int will out-weight the loss of power from mastery... it had occured to me to wonder, though, if given that the Int is a bit of a double edged sword (albeit with one side that's rather dull), and given that Arcane has traditionally gotten a decent amount of power from haste, if they might wind up doing better with Hurricane, which procs 450 haste.

Anyways, thanks all :)

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