Dwarf Shaman

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I'll keep my hit racial, thanks.
Space Goat 4 life, I think ill keep my tail, and my hit racial.
Oh noes, swapping a hit racial for an axe and mace expertise racial, THE HUMANITY!
Also, find treasure is legit.
Stoneform. . . lol.

Also does anyone know if the new skin tones will be available since the dark iron and Wildhammer are rejoining the Bronzebeards?
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if facial tattoos are an option, I'll consider it.
I too leveled a shaman up a few months ago with the idea of making him a dorf asap. Has there been anything definitive as to whether or not we'll be able to race transfer the same time the class/race combos are unlocked - or will there be a delay on transfers?

With the zone / quest structure changes, I'm mighty tempted to just level again =)
My guess is that 75% of all space goat shaman will be changing to the awesomeness that is dwarves. Also, dwarves will go from being the least played Alliance race to the second most played race, as well as bringing the shaman class to being the 3rd most played race.

Just a guess though.

Only for the first few months, then they'll all realize just how bad Shaman are in PvP (non-heal spec anyways).

And they'll go back to their FOTM classes. :o
Definitely considering it, the /waggle will be sadly missed though.
I love my Orc but the Goblin is calling me

must have moar haste <3
Archeology bonus too!

Definitely race changing...
My Orc Shaman is considering becoming a Goblin.
A male Dwarf Shaman by the name of Hamsandwich shall exist as soon as Blizzard allows the transfer!
Mines gunna be named...

Blech. I'll keep my tail and ability to reach the top shelf, thanks.
I love my Orc but the Goblin is calling me

must have moar haste <3

I hope you know that Haste is lame for Enhance now. o.o
This one won't change, but you can bet I'll be leveling a Dwarf Shaman to go along with him. I'm actually starting to like this class more than my current 'main'. :p
I made this character a couple weeks ago with the express purpose of changing her to a dwarf when the option became available. Not sure why draenei just don't do anything for me, but they don't.

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