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I have read some of what Blizzard has in plan for Cataclysm and Guild Advancement and I had something to suggest. I am a guild master of a small guild, Need More Farms on Shandris and this has always been a small problem and issue for us, and probably other guilds. Crafting professions, not farming professions (even if they might apply), are a good source of income when selling products in the Auctions house. Now the problem arise when guild members need crafted items which prevent people from making money out of them or as much money out of them due to guild prices or stuff like that.

Now what I had to suggest is a system that is similar to the gold looting cut that guild receive in cataclysm (where guild receive a % of all guild members loot) well how about giving the guild a % for all AH sales done to guild members. To be more specific, if a guild member buys an item at the AH and it was a guild members auction then the guild would get some sort of cut (extra gold). To avoid any abuse the cut would be the same as the amount you would lost for making an auction or something.

Also to be able to assign guild promo such as 10% reduction on guild member auctions for ranked 2-5 guild members and 25% for ranked 1 guild members. So this would encourage guild to buy from other guild members at the AH. Or maybe have a slot to put a guild member pricing.

If you think this is a good concept or a good idea +1 please and lets try and get some blue to read this. I do no really care about specifics of a guild AH system, but I really want to see a way to sell items to other guild members and thought doing it through the AH would not hinder the sales of an item.
I hear ya! I would like to see another checkbox to filter the AH for "guild" (similar to the "usable" checkbox). And it would be nice if a guild member could buy the item for whatever the current bid price might be. I really don't care if our bank gets a cut, but I would like to see our guild members have the option to buy from each other more easily.
The top guilds would make too much money off of this causing the rich to get richer. I don't support this.
Maybe I'm a little confused by what you are asking because (it seems) your suggestion is as follows:

The guild receives a cut of the AH fee if both the buyer and the seller are from the same guild.

If this is indeed what you are asking for, I have to ask... WHY?

if you're worried about the seller not making a strong enough profit if he gives away (or charges a smaller fee for) items when he sells them to guildmates (as most people do) then...
A) Why would he not just sell the item to the guildmate instead of involving the AH to begin with?
B) Why in the world would the guild receive any of that money ANYWAY even if the AH Wasn't involved.

All in all this sounds like a needless complicated mess that is an exploit waiting to happen.

If you're asking for the guild to receive a cut of all AH sales done by guild members this is even more of an exploit waiting to happen. Even if people don't find a way around it, all it will do is encourage people to form their own guild bank guilds with just 1 member in it so they get their own cut back.

The idea about getting additional cuts per rank / guild pricing info, is again, needlessly complex and completely unnecessary. You can already view other guild mates professions from the guild UI, especially if you are in asmall guild (as you state you are) it is not very difficult to contact said person and says "I need X made for me, I do/do not have mats. Will you make it for me, do you need gold reimbursement"

You can now get 8 guild bank tabs, that is more than enough space to allow a spot that people can deposit items, other guild members can look through it, say "oh I want X" and they pay a certain amount to either the crafter or to the guild bank" This would of course either have to be on the honor system, or you would have to have withdrawal access to that tab limited and GM / officers control it (which is always kind of sketchy and/or unnecessary IMO)
A much better solution to your requests would be to automate this, by requiring a fee to withdraw items (you would be able to set the fee amount when putting the item in the bank) and allow the person depositing it to set whether the gold goes to the Gbank or is mailed to them. No reason to involve the AH at all

Finally some replies!! Thanks Mezzulmogg for an indept opinion on this and you had some of the problems with it that I suspected people to have. Now I would like to clarify my statement by saying that it is not imperative that the guild has a cut, I just wanted to suggest a simpler and easier way for people to sell their products to guild members without having to skip out on selling them to the AH in case guild members did not want them. This would avoid the conflict of guild members b***** about other guild members selling their @*** too high, and seller's b**** about not being able to sell their items to guild members as high as they would like (this statement only holds if they agree on a price that they disagree, otherwise not transaction will happend and this further discourages internal guild sales).

it is not very difficult to contact said person and says "I need X made for me, I do/do not have mats. Will you make it for me, do you need gold reimbursement"
I would have to agree that it isn't, althought is would still be nice to be able to avoid this if you had a system that would allow people to create items and sell them to the AH and if a guild member so happends to want it he could buy it a discounted price without having the seller taking it out of the AH or not putting stuff in the AH.

The idea about getting additional cuts per rank / guild pricing info, is again, needlessly complex and completely unnecessary... especially if you are in asmall guild
Now being in a small guild does not limit the idea to small guild only. I find that if members contribute strongly to a guild they should be rewarded and should have appropriate rankings to the amount of work the put in the guild (this will be even more important in Cataclysm with guild advancement). This is where it would be beneficial for a guild to have the OPTION of giving these members preset cuts on their guild's products.

I will leave it at that, as I have a strong opinions on things and I really think that some system should be implemented, either guild bank individual retraction costs or a more general and complex system.

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