Priestess Delrissa has no loot

Bug Report
I'm trying to farm the Hawkstrider in Magister's Terrace. The third boss, Priestess Delrissa does not seem to have a loot table at the moment (ie, nothing is dropping from her).

I've opened two in game tickets to report it, and the last ticket recommended me to report the issue here. I don't know if the issue is me soloing the encounter (rare if it was) but I'm out of ideas why this should be happening.
It is due to soloing. Even dropping a Searing Totem should prevent it from happening.
Yea, I know only Kael drops the mount, she's just on the path there. Thanks for the heads up Khevyn, it happened again tonight, but did not have the searing totem down. Will have to try that tomorrow.

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