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A while back, I read on mmo-champion that a player named "Neverdied" had levelled to 80 entirely by grinding mobs (no quests, no dungeons, no groups, and back then gathering professions didn't give XP), without ever dying once.

Well, with the recent removal of ranked spells from the game, I decided to do something similar.

I'm going to try to level this character all the way to the end (85, because I know I won't reach 80 by the time Cataclysm comes out) by killing monsters without looting them. No quests, no looting, no dungeons, no parties.

And since I never loot and never quest, I'll never have any money. Which means NO GEAR. And NO. CLASS. TRAINERS.

You heard me. My only abilities for the whole run are going to be the Fireball spell I started with at level 1, and whatever spells I pick up through talent points (I've gotten Pyroblast so far, and will get Blast Wave at level 29).

Dying is okay, but gear, training, glyphs, bandages, food and drinks -- anything that would require money or trading or questing -- is OUT.

I chose a mage to do this, specifically, because mages have always had the highest NAKED dps -- when comparing DPSers with no gear on, mages consistently do the most damage.

So far, I've discovered that my health recovery rate is ABYSSMALLY slow after level 20, much slower than my mana recovery rate. I've taken to killing creatures just a level or two above gray, so that my mana recovery rate will be the rate-limiting factor (instead of my health recovery rate).

I don't know if I'll succeed at this -- like the guy who managed to level a hunter to level 70 entirely by killing boars, or Gutrot, a warrior who levelled all the way to 80 by punching things in a loincloth -- but I'd sure like to try!

EDIT: Just to clarify:

1. No looting. Ever. No corpses, not even a treasure chest or object on the ground, nothin'.
2. No quests. Ever. If the game forces a quest into my log without my permission, I abandon it. (Note that at level 77, your "quests completed" statistic automatically gets bumped up by 1 no matter what you do to prevent it.)
3. No grouping with other players into a party or raid. Or battleground. Or any other kinds of groups in the game.
4. No trading with other players, or receiving anything in the mail from other players.
5. No mailing myself anything from any of my alts.

* I will never ever have any money.
* I will never ever have any gear other than the gear that I started the game with.
* I will never ever have any glyphs.
* Since I will never have any money, I will never be able to pay a trainer (class trainer, profession trainer, or Riding skill trainer).
* Since I will never pay a trainer, I will never learn any spells other than the Fireball spell I started the game with, and any spells I pick up as a result of choosing my Talents.

And to keep it somewhat interesting, I also won't join a guild.

At level 60, I made a short video of my typical "adventures." It's here:
At level 78, I made another such video:

Now that this thread is locked, I've made a continuation thread here:
good luck. come back and tell us when you decide you're bored and gave up.
Going to say an undead warlock is probably the easiest to do this with, between demons and cannibalize.
Good luck killing mobs when you have 3,000 health and your fireball hits for 15? I don't really think this is feasible, though hats off to you if you can accomplish it.

I think you missed the memo. As of 4.0.1, fireball (and all damage-inflicting spells) no longer have ranks. Their damage automatically scales with level, without the need to visit a trainer.

Of course, the RATE at which its damage scales with level is designed around a character who (A) gets all the other spells that the trainer offers (e.g. Frost Nova and Blink), and (B) has at least green-quality gear. I have neither.
Also to clarify, his fireball will still rank up, but the damage is still going to be extremely low with no stat modifiers. A Warlock will both have this nuke and a strong pet to assist, and a racial that will help keep you alive and reduce downtime.
Going to say an undead warlock is probably the easiest to do this with, between demons and cannibalize.

You'd think a naked Demonology warlock could just clean house with a Felguard, wouldn't you?

Well, I've done a little "Neverloots" experiment with a warlock, though, and the results weren't so promising.

For one, Cannibalize has a rather substantial cooldown, so recovering health doesn't get all that big a boost. For another, the PET'S health (and mana) recovery rate ALSO ramp down until you're at an all-time low at level 20. And without a trainer, there's NO life tap to recover your mana faster, NOR is there a health funnel to recover your pet's health faster.

Instead of sitting around waiting for your own health to recover, you end up sitting around waiting for your Felguard's health to recover.

EDIT: And worst of all, "Control Demon" is an ability that has to be taught to you by your trainer. Without Control Demon, your Felguard behaves as though it's set on Defensive at all times. You can't order it to attack.
I applaud this experiment and look forward to seeing how it goes. These "off the beaten path" adventures always intrigue me!
The amount of sneering is a little sad.

This sounds difficult but fun :) Good luck Neverloots!
I thought about leveling a character without killing anything, and leveling purely off of exploration + delivery quests to level 5, at which point I can pick up Mining and Herbalism and level solely based off of that.

It would have to be with a class that could incapacitate mobs in some way; perhaps Rogue or Mage. It'd be slow, but imagine how rich he'd be with all of the gathered mats once he got to max level.
Talk about going out and doing the most boring thing imaginable in world of warcraft. Good luck.
pretty crazy right their. Also leveling like that will make things slow and tedious
Neverdied also has a video on youtube of his journey, if you'd like to check that out. He actually made a couple of alts to attempt this journey on alliance Cho'gall, but I assume he was unsuccessful because I did not hear of him again. There are just too many horde here to get to 80 without dying if you aren't doing dungeons. =)

Also, I believe neverdied also had a "no loot" rule of some sort, but he did mail his character gold to buy things on the AH.
Why? I could dig a trench with a spoon but what is the point?
What this guy said. I don't understand your motivation for doing this.

I could go back and play Doom using only the fist weapon and never pick anything up.
I could play Final Fantasy with only one party member alive the whole game and never upgrade his gear.
I could play through the campaigns of Warcraft 3 using only peons/peasants and building no defensive buildings.

But why? How is that fun?
Do you just not enjoy the game anymore and must attempt the most crackheaded methods of playing it possible? Are you going to do this with your hands submerged in icy water the whole time?

I digress. If pulled off, this would be an impressive thing.
But the question stands, why would you do it? Why would anybody do it? For publicity? Is it worth the torture? Or is there some sick kind of entertainment to be wrought from this that I just don't understand?

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