Idea: Warlock Unity Week!

What say you fellow demon summoning evil villains/villainesses? To show our dedication and love for the warlock character class, we should dedicate a week out of the year to cease all violence toward other warlocks in BGs, etc. and instead /wave and carry on. Not only would it confuse the hell out of lesser classes (all of them except us), but would show the WoW community that warlocks rock.
That'd get really hilarious in Arena should the two locks be the last standing.

Even gnome warlocks?? :-(
Wouldn't work, being a prick is one of the primary requirements to be a warlock. We'd all just kill each other anyway.

not to mention the problem with not everyone reading the forums.

@zanatose what we gotta do to get you banned again?
Probably wouldn't be supported 100% by everyone, but it would be awesome to see it work.

@Livnthedream: Nothing on the part of you guys...I am sure the CLs will eventually ban me again without actually looking at the posts involved like they did last time.
Why would I want to give up a free honor kill? Also, I would suggest something along the lines of a full 25 lock raid on old world content. Now THAT would be fun.
I'll show no mercy to Horde, For The Alliance!
I'll show no mercy to Horde, For The Alliance!

See? I knew you couldn't trust those gnomes.
I'd suggest we take control of moonglade and slowly kill all those critters (mostly squirrels) in front of the helpless druids.
Seriously we need a place like ebon hold or moonglade but taking one by force seems to be the warlock way to do it.
Low level friend: Dude I'm getting ganked come help me
Me: Oh yeah? By who?
Friend: Idk, some lock
Me: Oh...sorry can't help
Friend: Why?????
Me: It's warlock unity week
Friend: ...wat?
That's a great idea. While we're at it, all us warlocks can make scrap books, work on flower arrangements, and make homemade Winter Veil cards to mail out to all our friends.

More than likely we'll all get together, us Horde drinking Dark Iron brew while gathered around a toasty fire of Alliance corpses talking about the good ol' days when we used to have to run 40 levels until we could summon a mount, how we constantly adjusted our bags to cram as many shards as we could in them, and the great Soul Harvester / Abyssal Shard debate.
Lesser warlocks will still receive my plague.

Warlock Unity Week?

When was the last time we ALL agreed on ANYTHING?

We are a very contrary bunch!
Define, 'unity'.

If by killing each other in combat you mean unity, then I am very good at that!
Yeah.... that was the last time we agreed on anything.

Oh, and maybe we could agree on the conquest of moonglade by Warlocks.... I mean we have the demons somewhere around azeroth strong enough to do it.

Step 1. Go to a zone with high level demons.
Step 2. Enslave said demons.
Step 3. Invade Moonglade.
Step 4. Kill Druids.
Step 5. ....Realize there is no druids left and kill each other.
Step 6. Blame each other for the plans failure.
I can't the gnomes must die.
When was the last time we ALL agreed on ANYTHING?

We all agreed that his staff was a good one.

My staff? Yes, yes indeed. It and the helm will eat your face.

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