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the 2nd time in a week my account has been locked due to suspicious activity.
does typing in the wrong password a lot cause the account to be locked? because since the first time i changed my password i keep trying to type in my original one at first when i try to log in.
possibly, more than likely suspiocus behavior on account is causing it. no one else uses it? bots on it? or plays AH on it?
nope, I don't use bots, i use the AH mabye once a month or so to sell some gems, i'm the only one who uses the account
that is definitely very strange then. do you have any realid friends? have one of them tell you what your last online time is, and see if it matches up to when YOU were last online. to help identify if someone else has indeed found a way into your login
Are you sure it's not spam? I got a weird message recently saying that, and it wanted me to follow a link and type in my password to reactivate my account. Needless to say I'm not that stupid and went to to double check, and it logged me in fine, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same for you, considering it'd be a common technique. Hovering over the first link in the email in Mail(App) showed that it wanted to send me to some blizzard-account-secure(Dot)net link, which would cause all sorts of trouble.

Hi Pumpyumpkin,

These types of locks can happen for a number of reasons, so you always want to make sure you, your Mac and your account are always safe. Sometimes these emails are phishing emails, so it is best to make sure your browser's phishing filter is up to date.

I would best suggest review our account security page to learn about how to keep your account safe, what do to if you have been hacked, and learning about phishing emails.

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