Race Discussion in Cata!

Hello fellow once overpowered brothers (and she brothers). It's a known fact that more and more people are making the switch to Warlockhood everyday. When Cataclysm hits, will you be changing your race or will you stick with it?

I'm probably going Goblin Warlock because we has Rokkets and we has shortness. (no you can't punt OR dropkick us. What the fel do you think we are, GNOMES?)

(I am SO a Warlock, the forums keep displaying my Hunter character D:)
I'll remain Undead since I named my toon after an Undead character from a set of novels unrelated to WoW.
I love how cool the shoulders look on orcs, and it was actually nice to see the gear for once and not just my bones, but I played undead for 5 years that i felt weird playing as an orc warlock, I still loved it, but it didn't feel like my old warlocky self.
Race changing to troll about 35 seconds after we are able to.
I know people hate on Blood Elves but I decided to re-roll another Warlock since they are clearly the superior class and I liked the lore behind the Blood Elves turning to alternate sources of magic to sustain themselves. Thought it was fitting for my new Warlock.
I for a moment had faint thought of changing into a goblin
then i remembered my pride as an undead since vanilla and decided to stay as a forsaken
and im not liking sylvannas's in game performance lately.
I mean she gets f**ked up or killed every 10 minutes :(
I'm speaking lore wise
With how much value Haste has to Demonology, and that being the spec I like to PvE with, I considered changing to Troll for the haste buff, but then again an extra SP trinket and 5% pet damage isn't too bad... theorycraft will tell which one is better but I believe they won't be too far apart.

Also, the thing I hate the most in PvP is being stunned, so 15% less time stunned is a godsend. The Goblin's rockets is tempting due to our limited ways to get out of melee range, but I'm not sure I like the looks of the race yet, and I still prefer the stun time reduction.
I'm going to keep both my locks Orcs for the time being, although if I should happen to hop factions I'm definitely going Worgen.
Not entirely sure. While I like the BE lore and how it gives some explanation as to why they have warlocks ( I may not have green fire, but you can't take my eyes!!), it all depends on how the racials end up being. Seriously, if the BE racials were lackluster before for a warlock, they are even more terrible now with the change to Magic Resistance.
I already have a pending race change on my character... The instant i can be a troll i will muhaha
For Da Voodoo
For Da Horde
I wish people wouldn't FOTM warlocks...please stay bad in your own class!
Human since '05. Fear my racial charisma.

Edit: oh, god, I'm the only alliance in this thread. *hides*
It's also a known fact that people switch to every other class everyday.
Favorite race, and favorite class. Never looked back on it. Man this lock is old lol.
Worgen prolly
Goblin... will also drop Tailoring for Engineering as soon as I race change ;)
blood elves for live ;P

(dont kill me)
Human since '05. Fear my racial charisma.

Edit: oh, god, I'm the only alliance in this thread. *hides*

I got your back, And i have also been a human warlock since 05... now only if this was that original Lock, got my other warlock to 70 then made this one because i wanted a female human lock... then what do you know they came out with... being able to change your gender :S

So i will be staying human.

I wish people wouldn't FOTM warlocks...please stay bad in your own class!

I totally agree. Every time i see a lock and ask them when they made it they are like oh i just made this toon last patch. my last main was a .... It just irritates me. the worst part is when they have better gear then you and they are asking you how to play the class. like you said "please stay bad in your own class!"
Definitely going Worgen as soon as Race Changes are available.
Tired of my plain old humanity.
Worgen yo.

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