I play a Blood Elf female.

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And I couldn't be happier =D I do however wish we had the Night Elf female dance instead though >.>

Ew, you would rather have the NE female dance then the HOT, Britney inspired dance we have?

You don't even deserve to be a BE female...
No, the dance I would prefer the MOST would be the Worgen female dance, but, that chance of that ever happening is so low, theres no point in even hoping
Now we can party all the time.


I'll go get the lighter fluid and spark plugs!

I just want Grassy.

I just want Grassy.

What about lighter fluid, though? Isn't that still fun?
Night elf female dance is the -last- thing I'd want on my blood elf. I'm satisfied with the dance given to me.
This thread needs a lot more troll boys. The hotness is tragically lacking.

Though orc boys are pretty unf, too.
Not particularly.

Well I'll make it fun, then...
I play a Blood Elf female

Me too.
It won't be fun without Grassy.

...I give up.

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