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I was talking about BC a few days ago, and chain trapping, and I used to keep my D3 2pc set bonus even when I had better gear, so I could chain trap more easily.

I was curious if it'd be worth it to go back and get that 2pc bonus back for CCing in Cata, or would the loss in DPS would be a big enough difference to bork things up more than they would be? I can see it going either way, but I haven't seen the fights myself, so I'm not sure which would be more useful: extra dps, or 4 seconds off trap CDs?
You're seriously asking if it's worth using BC blues over WotLK or Cata gear just for a few seconds off your trap CD?
Just to get an idea of what you'd lose going from level 80 heroic blues to D3 (never mind level 80 raid gear or Cata gear), I grabbed the two pieces of D3 that I believe have the lowest budget (so the least amount of lost stats) and a couple of ilvl 200 blues in the same slots. http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=37373.0.3808:37614.0.3222;27801.0.3808.0.40147.40112:27474.0.3222.0.40112.40157&weights=Hunter%20-%20Survival;138:119:21:96:103;181:100:76:42:31

Edit: Better comparison, assuming you're not JC, BS, Inscription or Engi.
The main problem with using old gear going into the level 85 dungeons, especially heroics, is that there is a lot of AoE going around, and you will need the health from level 85 greens and blues to survive boss encounters. A dead hunter isn't going to be able to put traps down at all.

If you run with a Survival spec, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. With talents, Freezing Trap lasts 26 seconds and has a recast of 24 seconds. You can also take the major glyph, which adds a 70% snare to the target for 4 seconds after the trap breaks. Even as BM or MM, taking Trap Mastery with the glyph will give you enough time to chain trap - drop the trap at your feet and use Distracting Shot to make the target come to you (even easier if it's a caster, just launch the trap at them). MM also has readiness, allowing you to spit out a second trap if the first one breaks early.

Of course, this assumes people in your group are mindful of not attacking CCed mobs. And there will be a lot of broken traps, due to various AoE and cleave-type attacks. If all else fails and the target is susceptible to daze effects, you can also take Glyph of Concussive Shot and kite it around indefinitely (6 sec duration, 5 sec cooldown) - and that works for all specs without special talent considerations.
I'm sure this would work well, provided you can manage to swap out your gear via FD and a Gear Swap macro/Ingame Outfitter button.

For additional cooldown reduction, look toward the PvP gloves, they shave 2 secs off the trap cooldown as well. Not sure if it'll stack with the 2pc bonus, though.
Freezing Trap freezes for 1min in Cata, and has a 30 second cooldown. Pretty sure it would be useless.
Freezing Trap freezes for 1min in Cata, and has a 30 second cooldown. Pretty sure it would be useless.


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