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Ok. So when I first dl'ed 4.0.1, I saw this really neat feature that showed the level needed for gathering professions on the nodes themselves. I've recently taken up 8 new alts on my main server and all of them have different gathering professions. I'm not sure if I hit a setting somewhere, but I can't get them to come up again for the life of me. Fairly certain it wasn't any addon I was using, but I could be wrong. And I don't seem to remember using any command lines to turn them off when they were having the cogwheel issue, but I'm not positive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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I'm really not sure. The only thing that I can think of is making sure that the "Beginner Tooltips" and "Enhanced Tooltips" options are enabled in your Interface Options. These options should be found in the Help category of the options menu.
Yeah. Tried that. Had both of them on and still doesn't work. It's probably something dumb that I'm overlooking, lol.
Did you disable beginners when activating enhanced?
Tried every combination thereof. But I suppose I can try again and do a UI reload this time around. Will edit with results in a minute.


Ok. I tried every combination there is here. Did it both with my addons on and also turned them all off. Still can't get the freaking things to come up. This makes me a very sad panda. :(
Hmm. Nm. I seem to have figured out the problem. Guess it's my Gatherer addon telling me the levels needed. And here I thought it was something they added in.
So, going to end with my suggestion: Add needed skill levels for gathering nodes and herbs in the tooltips. :P
If you'd like to see that feature added, Zariem, post it over in the Suggestion forums! They probably won't do this though, as you're told what skill level you need when you attempt to gather a node that's red to you.
check out Gathersage, this is the most recent copy that I am using.
i thought it was gatherer that did that lol

Nice bunny Taa :)

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