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Every time I alt tab out of the game, I dc. It has been happening since yesterday. Have a friend w/ the same issue. Anyone else experiencing this?
My husband and I have been getting DC'ed when we're alt-tabbed on loading in... Log in, select character, zone in and tab out. When we tab back, we get to log in again...

So now we just don't tab and stare at the blue bar instead... We don't seem to get dc'ed when we're already in the game, just when loading in.
I used to get this error. But I was able to fix it by enabling the DirectX 11 support.
I get this all the time on flight paths and some other random happenings.
I'll put in for disconnecting while alt-tabbed if; changing zones (loading screen style), logging in and/or changing characters, and flying on a flight path.
Everyone I know are getting these Alt Tab DC's as well.

Fix please.
Just throwing in my .02: I don't seem to be able to reproduce this using either D3D9 or D3D11. Does this only occur when alt-tabbed for a specific amount of time? Or is it instantaneous?
It's not instantaneous. I think it take 1 or 2 mins. I happens to me every time.
I think it DCes when it tries to load something, especially while flying from one zone to another.
I usually alt tab when im flying somewhere and it never fails to DC me.
for me , i alt-tab and like 2-5 minutes it will dc, not instantly
Ive been having this problem since 4.0.1, its so consistent a disconnect when i alt tab (sometimes immediate, sometimes not, but always) that im playing in windowed mode to see if that if a work around until blizz fixes it.
This was happening to me too until I enabled d3d11 in config.wtf. Issue is now resolved.

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It's happening to me, too. Very frustrating.
i have it happen pretty often but not always. as with many of previous posters, flight paths seem to cause it the most, but i've also had it happen a couple of times in cities, or just randomly. it doesn't happen every time, but it does seem to happen with more frequency if i have firefox open with youtube in a couple tabs. i don't recall it happening with any programs NOT running youtube, so maybe it's an incompatibility with my flash player? i dunno, but it's not consistently DCing me, it's kind of random so it's hard to pin it to one cause.
ditto. i've been geting this since 4.01. and so has my brother.

i hate it. i'd like a blue post before my enrage timer runs out. cause the last blue post i was able to find was dated january of this year saying there'd be a patch to fix it. X_x


i need a new one.


I've been getting the same thing I would like some way to fix this or prevent it. I just dont like to stare out for 4 mins while I'm in a flight path.

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