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I've been currently running the end dungeons and have never been in a raid. Is there anywhere to find which raids to start with first? Where could I find any information on the entrances to each raid?

Thanks for any info.
The best simple advice I can give you, is to find a casual laid-back guild for Cata raiding. Most of the laid back guilds can be very helpful with learning the basics of raiding. Although you can always try to pug it too, in which case most pugs arn't looking out for you and will belittle you every chance they get unless you have/are.

*An awesome accent.
*An amazing personality.
*Are a girl with a seductive voice.

And then if you decide that finding a guild is you're best bet, some of the things you need to consider when choosing a guild are.

*What time they raid?
*Do they require any addons?
*What voice-chat program they use? (most use vent)
*Do they use a dkp point system or any other point system for loot distribution and is that cool with you?
*Does their raid makeup have a position for the class you play?
*And simply do you enjoy the members? Raiding is no fun with people you hate.

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