Outdated Prot Guide, Please remove.

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I wouldn't consider it mandatory, but I'll mention it.
Arrrrgh... Wowhead didn't have a CD listed yet on the Eng. belt enchant. I was hoping it wouldn't be 5min, but looks like this torpedoes my hopes of using it as a replacement short CD. *sigh* I'll start mining an ore stockpile to powerlevel BS or JC once I hit 85.

EDIT: Very nice guide, btw Dell. Thanks very much.
Any chance the +208 Mastery/Parry/Dodge Cogwheels help make Engineering a little more appealing? I realize that comes out to roughly 1.20 Mastery points or barely over 1.5% block/Crit Block and waaaay less Dodge/Parry %. Mainly just trying to figure out if those 2 slots combined are better than a Stam combo gem in a non-eng headpiece during T11.
The cogwheel slots seem more akin to the secondary stats on an alternative piece of gear, you just get to choose what you use (note the complete lack of stats other than str/stam on the piece.) Thinking of the Helmet as having no sockets but a meta would probably be more accurate.
Yep, and compared to our T11 359 helm (http://cata.wowhead.com/item=60328) the itemization available on the secondary avoidance stat (in this case Dodge) is higher than what the cog would provide even without the socket factoring in. /sadpanda
Maybe if I continue to stick with underpowered classes and professions eventually one will get a buff?

Edit: grammar fail
Herp Derp I'm bad, you're right.
Great guide, Dell! Many thanks.
Nice work. I had a Human Prot Warrior way back when, and I'm making a BE Prot Warrior come Cataclysm, so it's good to have some prep-time reading material. Thanks muchly!
In short, I'm an idiot and had to rewrite my priority system. Fixed.
Since The Thunderstruck buff lasts 20 secs and ideally you'd be refreshing rend every 15 secs would it be a TPS gain to pick up the talent since it buffs both the base damage of rend and thunderclap but also the stacking buff to shockwave.
wtb level 85 right now, just not enough talent points yet!
Thunderstruck still provides an extremely small threat increase (less than 1% for 2 points); it is still a last tier threat talent. Its additional threat is similar to cruelty single target.
Thank you for posting this Dell! Glad to see Drow is still going strong!!
Thread deserves a sticky
one thing i dont get about the talent builds is that you left out Blitz
i think this is a key talent for snap aggro
with that extra 10 rage you can pop rend and a tclap then let the dps go wild for a while
Shout before you charge. 2 points for 10 rage that is useful once per encounter is an extremely poor use of points.

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