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Recruitment needs:




High Priority Classes:

*Hybrid classes: Experience and gear in one or more specs (particularly in dps or tanking) is a plus.
*All DPS applicants should be both knowledgeable and capable of playing any raiding viable spec their class offers.

Our raid times:
Our raid times are Monday through Thursday 7:00-11:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). During progression weeks you should expect to be raiding each of those nights. We expect 90-100% attendance from our raiders.

Our loot system:
We use an EPGP system first and a loot council system second. Good items never rot under this system, and it is possible to gear up a 2nd or in some cases a 3rd set of gear. More info on EPGP here:

About us:
Temporary Insanity is a guild that has existed since the alpha versions of the game. Our raiding started in Molten Core and several of those original members still play today. We play on one of the top PVE servers that has many competitive raiding guilds, both Horde and Alliance side. Since we've started raiding we've maintained our status as the top Horde guild on the server. We have a history of defeating bosses before they're "nerfed", including but not limited to Kil'jaeden before 3.0 was released. Outside of raiding many of our members are active in all other aspects of the game including achievements, pvp, leveling, and various raids. You will find that the players in TI are both mature and respectful, and we make sure that our raiders not only play well together but also get along. We also have a stimulating guild chat that attracts all types of interesting and fun conversations, but when it's time to raid we focus on doing what we're supposed to do: Kick ass!

Our purpose and what we offer:
We are here to bring together top quality players to aggressively push content. We enjoy like-minded people who are not only talented but in it for the benefit of their teammates to obtain the highest level of gear and have fun while doing it. We do not tolerate poor play or the inability to take suggestions to improve your play and will sometimes trim the players that do not fit that mold from our roster. We separate ourselves from most other hardcore raiding guilds in that we do not raid more than roughly 20 hours a week. This means that the quality of our players is especially important as we do not have interest in compensating for poor play by putting in more hours.

Achievement progress:
We achieved the Realm First Tribute to Insanity in heroic 25 man Coliseum on November 24th. On June 6th we killed Heroic Lich King (10). We got the Realm First Heroic Lich King (25) achievement on July 21st. In general you will find that we do place a lot of importance on raiding achievements. We are not one of those guilds who will farm bosses on "easy mode" for weeks on end before attempting their "hard mode" version. When we strive to be the best, we do it in every aspect of raiding.

Our Expectations:
We are looking for experienced players that are prepared for the upcoming challenges of Icecrown Citadel Hard Modes, we are not interested in any projects or players that we have to worry about or guide. If you're not confident in your playing ability then don't bother applying. Applicants should have raiding experience in content while it was relevant. Keep in mind you will be playing with, and in some cases, replacing players that have Kil'Jaeden pre-nerf experience, H:GotUR completed, H:ToC including A Tribute to Insanity, and full ICC experience.

What gear do you need?
If you are a cross server applicant you should have at least a full set of ICC-25 gear. If you are a Kilrogg applicant then gear is less of an issue, but you should show that you have done as much as possible with the raiding that is available to you. Also you should have the endorsement of a couple raiding members of the guild as an exceptional player. All applicants should be logged out in their optimal PvE gear.

Who should you talk to?
You can talk to Gilora, Kainteeka, Mograk, Zuliz, Might, or any other name on the "Recruitment Team" listed here:

How do you apply?
First you need to create a forum account at and activate it. Next you need to log into that account, go the "apply" section on the front page, and follow the directions.

Any special notes on applying?
Not having either a World of Logs or WoW Meter Online report will greatly decrease your chances of getting an interview with our recruitment team. If you can't provide one when you submit your app but you plan on having access to it in the near future, please be sure to specify that.
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