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Wait how is your 280% mount + Crusader going faster than a 310% mount?

Crusader is only a 20% movement speed increase, so 20% + 280% = 300% which is still not faster than a 310% mount. If you're thinking of [Pursuit of Justice] it doesn't stack with Crusader Aura, as it suggests in the tooltip "does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects."

What am I missing here lol

280% mount x 20% = 336% flying speed.
310% mount x 20% = 372% flying speed.

I have been passing 310's for years now and loving it.!!!

So what you are saying is i can save gold, and still be faster?

gotta love crusader aura.

How much does the new speed cost anyway? I had 310 mounts on all my alts so didnt had to spend a dime on it
5000g Thank the light for Crusader Aura
( (280+100)*1.2 ) - 100 = 356% increase
( (310+100)*1.2 ) - 100 = 392% increase

This is because the mount speed actually 'increases your speed by xx%'. For example when riding an epic ground mount (100% increase) your actual speed is actually 200% of your run speed. Likewise an epic flying mount of 280% speed increase is equivalent to a speed 380% of run speed.

Refer to wowwiki for more info.

This is pretty much what I was going to post. Quoting for awesome truth.
Base movement speed: 100%

Artisan Flying: 100+280 = 380%
Artisan Flying with Crusader: 380% x (1+20%) = 456%
Master Flying: 100+310 = 410%
Master Flying with Crusader: 410% x (1+20%) = 492%
I just completed the holiday achievement so I didn't have to pay for it. But if you do dailies, or sell things here and there that you can easily accumulate, you should have no issue coming up with 5k gold.
Actually, our epic flying speed with crusader aura is 300% unless I am doing my math wrong. And with super epic flying our speed goes up to 330%.

If I knew the whole equation I would tell you that you're wrong, as Holi said up there, it mutlplies, dosn't add on
Why wouldn't you get 310%? What else are you spending money on? The only thing I can think of would be portable hole at this point in time.

The 310% mount speed will give you an increased farming rate, and will help you get to quests faster once Cata goes live.

Sure, crusader helps you beat 310, but that doesn't change the fact that 310 with crusader is faster than 280 with crusader.

I picked this up, just yesterday and I'm happy with my purchase. Gold isn't the problem because i'll make a killing within the first week farming mats silly to sell at exhorbitant prices to everyone and their mother who wants to power level through their profs in the first couple weeks.

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