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the only ways your account could be locked due to suspicious activity are if youve been reported for spamming a large amount / been reported to a gm via a ticket or if blizz thinks youre not following the ToS.

the best way to keep your account safe is not with software but hardware, ie the authenticator.

altho i guess if you get the mobile authenticator for iphone/ cell phone that is software :P

also update to 10.6.5 and get the apple graphic update if you havnt already. i know Steam recommends it for snow leopard for TF2 and L4D and im sure it improves WoW in some way and if not maybe im just talking out my butt :P
There is no "best" anti-virus app for the Mac. It's purely subjective. ClamAV is no better than Norton, Sophos or Mcafee. You can claim otherwise all you want, but you'd still be wrong.

Sure, better/best is always subjective. But in the end you have to pick something. It's probably why most of us here are using Macs instead of Windows PCs.

I personally don't bother with antivirus at this point in time, but there are surely some commonly agreed upon criteria that Omegal is basing his assertion on (such as price, how much it gets in your way, mem/cpu resources required, etc). I'll leave it to him to actually make such arguments though!

edit: also, to echo what has been said already, definitely get yourself an authenticator. It will protect your WoW account very well. It is not a 100% guarantee of the security of your account, but it's close enough for now.
pay for something that ......
uses hard drive space.
uses RAM space.
uses CPU resources.
resulting in lower performance overall.

and does absolutely zero for protecting you.
yeah... I'm gunna run out and spend my money for that.

keep your OS updated.
play hard .. worry less.
norton and sophos cost money, clamav is free open source standard. so getting same results for free is always > than commercial apps, and sophos is known for problems as you can see earlier in thread

and anything with a background scanner like phine says, wasting cpu and memory is overkill. launch clamav, scan your stuff if you actually think you got something, after scan close it. no need for an actual daemon running slowing things up.

Or learn about phishing prevention. You don't need an antivirus.
I have had my account locked twice for "suspicious" activity in the last 3 weeks. The first time, I went to a friend's house to play, the second time I was logging in through my jailbroken iPhone.

Same thing happened this morning with the iPhone.

Having your account locked does not necessarily mean that your account has been compromised. That said, it never hurts to be safe. Use an Authenticator, or

"Brush your teeth, practice safe sex, and use secure passwords!"

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