Nerf schedule for Cata PvE content?

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Blues have repeatedly said they want to maintain accessibility of end-game PvE content to most players, not just the unusually good ones. At the same time, tuning of PvE content on the beta servers appears to be noticeably tougher than it was in WotLK.

The only way to square these two points is if they're planning to nerf the PvE content at some point. Blues, can you tell us what the schedule for that is going to be?

My guess: tier N content will be nerfed when tier N+1 comes out. This would also serve to extend the lifetime of the tiers, so if someone comes in late they'll still be able to find people running the previous tier.
It's beta, and the lack of setup and optimization (and bossmods for the majority) makes content appear a fair bit harder than it actually is. When every timer is known to the millisecond on every ability, bosses will feel significantly easier, borderline too easy in a number of cases.
They did say fights would be harder in Cataclysm, but with that said, I'm sure fights will get nerfed over time, as they always have.
I would love it if there were no nerfs except to fights that are somehow only beaten by 1-2 guilds after a few weeks of being attemptable - stuff like the C'thun fix that allowed him to be beatable, etc.

Gear upgrades and subsequent dungeon releases naturally make previous tiers of content easier. It's an MMO, not a single player game - it is not important if I or you kill the big bad evil guy; it is only important that he exists and that it is possible for him to die, and some players somewhere will kill it eventually.

The only way to square these two points is if they're planning to nerf the PvE content at some point..

I downed about half of the bosses during the normal mode testing (ilvl 346 premades, ie heroic dungeon gear), and even with the mostly terrible pugs I was grouped with + not knowing any mechanics + not having timers/alerts for things when we did know the mechanics, we still muddled through them in an hour or so each.

If you add in experience/knowledge of the fight mechanics, dps that don't suck a lot (honestly I expect even average casuals to be better than some of the pug dps I've seen in beta), boss mods, raid level gear from crafting/archeology/raids/valor points/reputation, the fights look like they will be pretty faceroll on normal.
the current versions of the bosses are far more challenging than anything in normal icecrown, and i don't expect the average pug to get very far
i'm sure they'll become more accessible with time, but the days of "LFM 11/12 ICC 6HM PST GS/ACHIEVEMENT" are probably over

This is also exacerbated by people outgearing the content and having a 30% buff. You didn't see those kind of pugs until the 30% buff and everyone had accumulated some amount of gear from icc/badges.
Having a 0% buff and 245-258 gear VS a 30% buff with 264-277 gear makes a huge difference.

The cata normal modes are easy enough to be pugged (not facerolled in a pug, but you'll get it done). Boss mods/gear/available strats will make them even easier. I'm sure just before t12 comes out, when everyone has full 359s, there will be plenty of pugs going on for at least normal raids.
i would be fine with content being nerfed into the ground the week the next tier of content comes out as long as it isn't before then (excluding of course something being grossly overtuned)
Several normal bosses have been pugged just fine on beta. Normal mode pugging will be unchanged except the average skill level of the group will have to be higher.

HMs will not be pugged.

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