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What are some of the things you wish you were aware of when you first started to play WoW? If you could go back in time, what advice would you offer your big, bad noob self to make life a little easier?

Me? I'd tell my little Level 1 Warlock that the phrase "It's the journey, not the destination, that's important". I was in such a hurry to get to level cap that I was unable to take in much of the storyline or to explore some of the treasures hidden in out-of-the-way places. The discovery of Questhelper at around level 20 didn't help matters much either lol.

Oh...also buy bigger bags and loot EVERYTHING :D
Probably wouldn't change or say too much. Experiences both good and bad are what have made my time in Azeroth enjoyable. And besides, I am one of those people that likes learning something new everyday. Back then, I sure did learn a lot :)
Get bags... lots of them. Save the gold for later on (or buy in moderation)... a shiny new helm probably isn't as important as you think.

What are some of the things you wish you were aware of when you first started to play WoW? If you could go back in time, what advice would you offer your big, bad noob self to make life a little easier?

Me? I'd tell my little Level 1 Warlock that the phrase "It's the journey, not the destination, that's important". I was in such a hurry to get to level cap that I was unable to take in much of the storyline or to explore some of the treasures hidden in out-of-the-way places. The discovery of Questhelper at around level 20 didn't help matters much either lol.

Oh...also buy bigger bags and loot EVERYTHING :D
Gathering professions + auction house = more enjoyable trip to 60 (70, 80, etc.)
Gathering professions + auction house = more enjoyable trip to 60 (70, 80, etc.)

Yeah, and don't bother with crafting professions until you're trying to either make serious money at the level cap or raiding. And don't worry about maximizing profit from the auction house while leveling. Just selling stuff at anything better than vendor prices will still net you enough gold to level comfortably.
Advice to new players:
1. Get bags asap for all your bag slots, and then upgrade them to the biggest you can afford.
2. Start out with dual gathering professions. Later on you can get into a crafting profession, and I would advise waiting for that until max level.
3. Do all the quests in the zone before moving to another zone.
4. Check out the levels for zones, and use that to see where you go next for questing.
5. Use the LFD tool while questing.
6. Repair and unload and restock, etc., often. Know what you need to have on you to "be prepared" and "self-sufficient".
7. Choose where to place your hearthstone carefully. In vanilla it would have usually been one of the major cities for your faction. In TBC it was Shattrath. In Wotlk it has been Dalaran.
8. Get a bank alt and use him for your AH and other such needs. Get the alt to a major city and let him live between the AH, the Bank and the MB.
9. Find a few websites like thottbot, wowhead, MMO Champion and bookmark them.
10. Use your class and role forums for info as well.
11. Learn and use your abilities as you play. As you gain experience, use hot bar keys, then macros and addons.
12. As for number 11, KISS is a good policy to follow.
1. You don't have to commit to a class right off the bat. If you're not feeling it by level ~20, try another.
2. Go gathering, sell some stuff on the Auction House, then you can start crafting if you really want.
3. Find a nice, friendly guild. This game is 100x more fun with friends.
4. Don't ask for any advice in the Trade channel, it's full of bored trolls who will only make fun of you.
5. Download some basic addons: AtlasLoot, X-Perl Unitframes, Titan Panel, Recount, Omen, and Deadly Boss Mods are some good basics.
6. Remember you're here to have fun. If at any point it's not fun, find a way to fix that.
7. You do NOT have to grind to level. Don't let anyone ever tell you you do.
I don't know if I'd do too much different. All the mistakes one makes is part of the experience, after all. You're only new once. Being told everything before you even make a mistake sets you up to never make a discovery on your own. Let the adventure come to you; don't research TOO much in advance. ;)

But, if anything else, I would have told myself to solo more, and sooner in my playing career. Constantly leveling with someone, while fun, doesn't teach you the finer workings of your character sometimes, especially if your friend is doing all the work! I never learned how to control a pet properly or use my abilities to their full extent until about level 40 because the bf would protect me from all harm. Don't be afraid to go out on your own once in a while and learn things the hard way!
When I was new the game was completely different so nothing I would say would really apply to back then :P But as advice for new players I would say:

1. Bags! get them early if you can it will increase the time you can spend out in the field questing/exploring etc.. before you have to return to a vendor.

2. Professions/Skills - You can have two primary and any number of secondary.
Primary includes: Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting (with the BC expansion), Alchemy, Inscription (with the WotLK expansion), Leatherworking, Tailoring and Enchanting. Some are gathering skills others are crafting skills. Most seem to promote the $$$ of gathering, I'm personally not so fond of it as I find crafting interesting and an extra layer to your character as you level etc.. but two gathering professions will keep you in a decent amount of cash (if you sell right) and even better you now get xp from Herbalism and Mining!

Secondary Professions include: Cooking, First Aid, Fishing and soon to be Archaeology. Of these focus on First Aid as it is constantly useful, I also find cooking easy to level as you level due to the supply of materials you will get from creatures in the area etc.. Fishing is great for when you are waiting around (and also good to level with cooking). Food you cook gives you buffs beyond vendor purchased food as well.

3. The Numlock key will toggle your character to autorun, the / key will make them enter walk mode or run mode.

4. Examine the abilities you get as you get them and try some experimentation with them as you level, while you can just use basic abilities as you level, throwing in something extra now will give you a better understanding of the class you are playing. Some of those abilities will be superseeded as you level, so don't get too attached to one ability so that it is detrimental to you at higher levels.

5. Look at the talent trees of your characters, look at the whole tree so you can get an idea of where you want your character to go and how to get there, choosing a talent for the first time in one of those trees will lock you into the tree until you have obtained 31 points within it (though you can always reset your talents at a class trainer for a fee).

6. Watch how other players play the class you are interested in/playing, you may pick up some good ideas on how to gear, what abilities to use and when to use them. Also inspect your character pane (Press C) and mouse over the various stats there, it will tell you what benefits your class and what does not - this will make gearing choices easier for you.

7. If a quest/area seems too hard for you, then either change the way you approach it or go to a different area for a little while until you gain the gear/level/skills to better tackle it.

8. There are many friendly people who play this game and it doesn't really hurt to ask anyone a question, of course there is a rude element of players who will think it's appropriate to abuse you or give you bad information. For those people there is always the report spam (if they are spamming - right click on their name in the chat box and select report spam) or the ignore option if they are persistantly vulgar (accessed via the same menu or via the social page). Plenty of people spew profanity in this game in some vain attempt to appear adult/cool/popular/rebellious whatever, there is a profanity filter in the game, of course with the spelling of some people, it still won't block some words that are misspelled/poorly spelt.
9. PST meants please send tell, it is not an abbreviated form of "post"!

10. Guilds, there are good ones and bad ones, they are made up of all different types of people with all different sorts of beliefs, practices and behaviour. If you are in a guild that isn't working for you you can leave it by typing /gquit. It is often nice to say something before you leave a guild but sometimes it's better that nothing is said.
11. Etiquette and Behaviour in Groups: The loot rules in groups vary from server to server but generally you can apply this rule:

Need - means you need the item as an immediate upgrade, it will improve your characters ability to perform their role. Roll need on what you actually "Need" and just not what you want. Need and Want are easily confused/abused in this game.

Greed - If you could use the item in someway, throw a Greed roll on it. If someone Needs the item it will go to them (or be rolled out by the dice of those who selected Need).

Disenchant - If you are after enchanting materials and there is an enchanter in your party with the appropriate skill you can select items to be auto-disenchanted for you. If you win the item you get what it would of disenchanted into instead.
These options will appear in a group setting (ie when you are partied) when items of certain value drop - No Need/Greed rolls for grey, white items, nor cloth, money nor flavour items. Those rules can be altered if you are the party leader, in the Looking For Dungeon groups (LFD) it will be auto-set to the Need before Greed option.

Being polite and helpful is rather self explanatory though some choose not to behave as such, people are far more willing to help the person who is polite than the person who is spewing profanity and bile everywhere. This doesn't mean ne soft and take all the crap some people can give you, but it does mean you need to exhibit tolerance to people that they may not extend your way.

It all boils down to the simple principal - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't like being sworn at or insulted? Don't do it to other players. It's simple it keeps players happy and it makes for a better experience.

You will ( I would like to say may, but cannot) run into people that will insult you based on many factors, if it's about your class and the way you play just a simple "I'll look into that" will suffice if someone goes on about "low dps, bad tanking, bad healing etc.." If someone offers constructive advice be prepared to listen and ask for explanations if possible, if someone is just beliigerent - just ignore them.

The kick feature in Dungeons is something you should use with caution, save it for the rude, abusive players and not the tank who is "too slow".

12. It's a game, not a job, nor position of office, don't get caught up in it all and neglect other areas of your life (ie school, work, relationships) Games will come and go, those other things may not come back.

13. Have fun, not point playing a game if you do not enjoy it!
Thats all great advice. Thanks for sharing. I'm still learning so a lot of this advice is new to me and it's greatly appreciated.
actually, i'd rather my noob self from 5 years ago remind my current self how to enjoy the game.

That feeling of when I first walked into razer hill, looking up at one of the orcish towers as a little orc shaman, and thinking, 'this is awesome, i've only seen thse from the war3 perspective, and now the first person perspective' that was a great feeling, i never get that anymore, i'm hoping that the new cataclysm world is so different that I will feel a good sense of exploration and adventure again, not just, 'oh that's how they changed this, this's how they changed that'

I guess i would probably tell myself to actually read the quests though, i did do that for a while, but got tired of it and lazy at around lvl 30, after that i just read the 'objective' section and looked up thottbot if needed.
Fight anything and never run away. Sometimes a fabulously epic wipe is more fun than an easy win. You don't know how well you can hold up against OJs and Reds unless you fight them.
If I could go back:

1. I would start out on a server that is running on PST and not EST. It's a bummer for raid times, lol.

2. I would take my time leveling.

3. I would buy a better CPU.
Bags ARE a good thing, as numerous people have mentioned, as well as the gathering to make gold. Those are technical things to just make your experience smoother.

Something I would suggest would be get some friends together and level together (the LFD tool is your best friend when leveling in groups).

Also as has been mentioned, take your time leveling. It took me a year to level my first toon from 1-70. At the time I was dreaded it, I just wanted to power to 70 so I could raid with my friends. But in hindsight, I'm SO much happier with my time spent questing the first time than I was when I grinded to 80 on my other toons.

Over all, just have fun, your first character will be the most plentiful experience. You'll learn a lot from mistakes and though you might not play the game how some people consider "optimal" you'll just have a good time.

Not to spend ALL of my gold, all the time.
Read the tooltips. That would've made my life so much easier as a leveling hunter. As well as to clean my bags regularly, as being a packrat usually ends up biting you in the butt when you need those quest items...
Read the quest text. Especially now that there's a built-in "quest helper," it can be tempting to just run from one blue-shaded zone to the next killing anything that is flagged for your quest, but it's really more fun if you know why you're gathering that shimmerweed or livers or what have you. At least, it is for me.
Yes, it is possible to fall off Aldrassil and Teldrassil.

No, you do not need to test this theory.
Dear Whytechapel of Old,

Rogues aren't supposed to use +int/spellpower daggers, and just because you've done so, does not mean the character has to be deleted.

Veteran Whytechapel.

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