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Don't upgrade items every level >.<

I used to go to the AH almost every level and buy upgrades. I had always wondered why people said buying a level 20 mount was easy even though my money seemed to disappear every level...
To my first warlock: It turns out that your gear type does not upgrade to leather once you reach level 40. So drop that damn Leatherworking and pick up Tailoring instead.

Also, there are guides on the web that can help tell you what stats are most important to your class. Where the heck did you get all that cloth gear with +Strength on it anyway?
The single most important thing in this game is having fun. There's no shame in stopping to smell the roses along the way or to go off the beaten path and explore a little bit. Take some time to enjoy the beauty in the world (of warcraft) and you'll be richer for the experience.
As others have said, leave the crafting professions alone until you are capped. There are very, very few crafted items that provide any lasting benefit while leveling, and these professions can be a huge gold/time sink.

Learn to use the AH. Not necessarily to spend your gold, but to know how to find those items that you really need.

Bags, bags, bags. Biggest you can afford! There is nothing worse than having a great run doing w/e and then getting that damned message that your bags are full! Now you have to start dumping stuff to continue the run or you have to stop and find a vendor.

I always tried to level in the toughest areas I could. Orange quests/mob nameplate colors are your friend if you want to learn how to play your toon. If one combination of skills/talents doesn't work maybe another will.
And most definitely have fun! That's why you bought the game isn't it?
I would say bags are a big thing. Also, Dual-Speccing Marks and BM for dungeoning and soloing respectivly is your FRIEND.
Also, try to experience the world(of warcraft) from both sides. Alliance and Horde. Both are very different, yet at the same time have some underlying similarities.
Most importantly, have fun. This game is awesome, and worth the money, no matter what people say.
Dear Aickavon Teera from the past


Love Aickavon Teera from the future.

P.S. Use talents right! You make me sick to my stomach and even dared to wonder why you suck at pvp!
To my first warlock: It turns out that your gear type does not upgrade to leather once you reach level 40. So drop that damn Leatherworking and pick up Tailoring instead.

Also, there are guides on the web that can help tell you what stats are most important to your class. Where the heck did you get all that cloth gear with +Strength on it anyway?

I almost choked on my apple! =D

Make friends. Get bags - keep them organized and cleaned out so you can find stuff.

Level whatever profs you *want* to. Gathering profs are nice for extra money, but with the revisions to crafting professions, hopefully they'll be less... useless... at low levels now. If you have complimentary professions, you may be able to make your own gear - which means you may avoid dumping cash on the auction house for better gear.

Be aware of the greater internet theory (anonymity turns otherwise normal people into jerks, sometimes). With that in mind, you can right click and Ignore people - so:

Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Generally someone awesome will respond and help you out - just don't ask in Trade channel. Find a reliable guild. You can leave if you find it's not a good match for you, but when you do find that right match, it will make your in-game life so much better!
Learn your class, the stats that you should be using, and the role you fill.
1. Gnomish Army Knife

2. Explore the game menu/interface to get an idea of all the options you have.

3. The "V" key.

Edit: Forgot to add the most important: /leave trade
To my level 1 orc hunter from the Burning Crusade.....

Please stop toggling auto-shoot off and on......

You just need to hit it once.....

Oh and go to the other realm you were gonna join. Because frankly, this one sucks!
Get Lootfilter. Bag space is at a premium, so carrying around stuff that won't get you money is a bad thing. You have to go back to empty your bags more often.

However, change several "default" settings on Lootfilter.
1) On the Clean tab, have it NOT open every time you visit a vendor.
2) On the Quality tab, have it auto-delete Grey items.
3) On the Value tab, check the box for "Keep items worth more than..." Choose a level you'll accept. (At level 1, I'd choose 0.005, 50 copper. By level 20, I'd be at 0.025, 2.5 silver. My level 80 has 1.0, 1 gold.)

I learned the hard way, after watching lootfilter delete some Northrend "vendor trash," that there actually is some junk stuff worth keeping.
Telling my noob self that you can vendor most of the stuff that is looted in the tarting areas and not freaking out when your bags are full
All these are good. I especially want to highlight the "get bags...lots of bags" advice. This lets you stay out in the field longer, which lets you amass XP faster (less time running back to empty your stuff into the bank/AH), which lets you level faster.

One thing I wish I knew back then was how engaging and addicting this game can be. Don't get me wrong, I can turn the game off and have taken periodic breaks but not all of us can do this. As a reader, the Forums have been a wealth of information and entertainment, but this can also add to the time you will be spending with the game. I guess this isn't exactly a new player advice, but you've been warned.

Now, back on topic:
If you are a low level and the mob you are attacking has a fancy gold border around its avatar, you will most likely die. Repeatedly.

Jumping can be fun, but not from heights where you can't even see the ground. If you do, you will die. Hilariously.

By the way, jumping while running does not make you travel faster, regardless of what those around you tell you.

PVP means others can kill you, regardless of how friendly your /wave is. And right-clicking on a much higher level opponent is not the way to say "hello."

On a related note, eat with your back to a tree if you are in a PVP server. Unless you can disappear while doing so.

Speaking of PvP, give it a try. Start with a battle ground. At least there you have others on your team. If you don't know what to do, follow the group. Shoot anything with a red name. You just might like it.

RP? Tried it a few times, but never really got into it. My bad luck, I guess. I hope yours is better.

Eat food with buffs if you can. At low levels, those extra few points can make a difference.

It's OK to run from mobs, unless you have lots of gold for repairs, or time to run back from the spirit healer.

When your monitor turns bluish-white, chances are you are dead and that nice lady hovering over you is the spirit healer. No, your monitor is not broken.

Log out in inns or cities. Rested bonus is your friend.

Some good things to save your gold for: mount at 20, faster mount at 40, flying at 60, cold weather flying at 68? 70? Bags. Bank slots. Repair bills. Sniping a gem in the AH selling for 40% market.

Addons can be good. Be sure you know how to install and use them. Be aware of some pretty good class-specific ones. Consider the more popular: bag management, economy/auction house, combat/threat management, performance meters. Don't go too overboard with addons. Just remember: Gearscore= bad.

Join a good guild. Leave a bad guild.

Past Jak -

Use Aspect of the Viper.

Stop poking dragons.

Get your gear in dungeons.

When someone tells you to go to Voltarus, say "no" and walk away.

-Future Jak

Ima have a sig dagnabit!
If you're going to be a priest, the one thing you should haunt the AH for is a good wand. Upgrade it when you can. It's your best friend (right up there with bags, but everyone has said that already).

If you have buffs to give while questing, hand them out freely. If someone looks as if they're in a hard fight or pulled more than they can handle, and you're passing by, help them. Don't worry about grouping up for it, just toss in a heal, buff them or cast a spell. Most will be thankful for the help.

Take your time questing. Read everything. The story of WoW is in the quests. You'll meet a lot of lore-famous people. Enjoy those moments. My Draenei shaman alt to this day will go all the way back to the Exodar just to train with Nobundo.

Don't be afraid to let your real self get a little lost in the game. It's OK to become your character for a while. You'll eventually be rewarded for that. For example:

Create a Draenei character and do the questlines for 1-20. The concluding quest is just simply amazing. Let it surprise you.

Be a tourist. Take screenshots when something memorable happens. I have a couple of CD's worth of pictures from my travels.

Don't let the game become work.
I used to go to those NPCs in starting areas that sold common armor sets. I used to buy stuff whenever I got the cash in for a new piece. I know better now. Nothing but a waste of money. =P
Edit: Forgot to add the most important: /leave trade

lol Amen!
Note to self:

"Stealth" does not mean "Invisible."
Note to self:

"Stealth" does not mean "Invisible."

I'd like to add "Stealth is toggled on/off, and is not perpetual. Double-check before running through that camp of mobs."

Also when stealthing, avoid campfires. One burned paw can lead to a dozen arrows in your hide.

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