[Bug] Mobs that just won't quit!

Bug Report
Yesterday, I was playing a Level 55 Hunter and decided to slip into the Wailing Caverns to tame one of the Black Windserpents there. It's bad enough that the detection radius of certain mobs is way out of whack, but when I got around the crocolisks, not only did they detect me, but also managed to trail me through the instance until I finally got tired of them and dropped an explosive trap to kill them all. I should point out that at no time did I or my pet hit them with any damage. They just followed and kept following.

Annoying. What gives here?
Mobs in dungeons do not drop aggro by running away from them. This has always been the way of things.

There are very few exceptions to this.
Give me a break. I've done these before and I know when something is different. Again, I'll repeat, there was no taunt, no damage dealt. The mobs aggroed from proximity and continued to follow all through the dungeon. This is a recent phenomena. Try not being Blizzard apologists and at least let them take a look at it. That's what the Bug forums are for.
I'll rephrase my initial post:

Any mob that aggros for *any* reason, be it proximity, damage, debuff, whatever, will *not* drop aggro by running away if you are in a dungeon.

This is the way it's always been. Always. There are very few exceptions to this. (Exceptions do exist, however, but are few and far between.)

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