Your healing "moment"

My main is a druid. I leveled her up as Balance (before LFD), raided, killed the Lich King and did HMs on her. I only dabbled in resto (for the sake of my first guild) and never really cared for it. She is now specced Balance PvE/Balance PvP. I just assumed that I was never meant to fill that healer role.

Then I created my priest. Tbh, I made her for funsies and never intended on leveling her and especially not to cap. I enjoyed the discipline spec, loved the preventative healing and the “oh chit” buttons I had. Then the patch came, I specced into the smite healing and love that too. Up until last night, I loved my priest but I still hadn’t had that moment.

I queued up with my husband (Warrior tank) and we got Gun’drak. We are just big enough for it so I knew it might be challenging. He went in and pulled a couple of the packs of 77 elite snakes >.< Our dps was all 76+ yet he held threat very well. I still had to concentrate super hard to keep us all up with the poison spit going out. Then the boss… hubby took big hits and those snakes the boss summons were on a couple of people but I kept everyone up and ended the fight with 85%+mana and everyone alive. No one was more surprised than myself ^.^ The whole run was like this… it was challenging but fun and rewarding. A couple of the dps even complimented me and the tank :)

Maybe I am just spoiled by a good tank but I definitely had that “moment” last night where I became confident in my healing. I look forward to playing her even more now ^.^

I know, I know… cool story bro… >.< I am loving this priest community and felt like I could give my story without getting flamed too much ;)

Anyone else have and/or remember their “moment’?
Yes. Healing a rouge through an old kingdom /no one kill the sacrifice moment and tank /logout

was amazing when i was leveling. Got me lots of praise from my guild mates who were there xD
Heroic Mimiron aka Firefighter. Being one of the last...3 or 4 people standing. Taking weeks to learn it. Knowing I did my best, being really proud of pulling it off. It was cool. I felt good.
Heroic Mimiron aka Firefighter. Being one of the last...3 or 4 people standing. Taking weeks to learn it. Knowing I did my best, being really proud of pulling it off. It was cool. I felt good.

I've been healing as holy for as long as I could remember, I only have disc for when its needed. Anyways, during my guilds first attempt at The Blood Prince Council they decided to have me go disc. The only real experience I have had with disc was VoA and such, so needless to say I was nervous. We downed the council first try. After that raid I am now more confident being a tank healer. So that is my healing "moment". :)
I don't know if it was the moment I became confident in my healing, but I remember the moment I 'got it' and finally looked at it not as a means to an end, but actually fun: healing through Loatheb in Naxx as Holy, in the first real raiding guild I ever joined.

That was such fun. I love that fight, love the mechanics for healing it. Having to time your PoH just right, then CoH, etc. It was a rhythm, and I liked it a lot.
log in WSG, and find out that there is party in Horde flagroom between 6 alliance and 3 or 4 horde

heal hard as I can. and we win :D
My 'moment' was around a year ago, I think, when a friend talked me into a VOA fight and I'd never raid healed anything before. I hadn't been playing WoW for very long and didn't even know how to change the default raid frames (that's right, I was healin' using the base UI, too). So we get in and I sort of fix things so I can see all the green bars. Riiiiight as the tank decides to pull the pally healer realizes he's forgotten to buff a few people. Pally healer gets one-shotted. I'm now healing everyone.

No wipes and we did fine, even with my woefully-undergeared and improperly enchanted self.
My healing moment was in BC. Heroic Steamvaults. I went in with a group of friends, nervous about the dungeon and how I was going to perform. we got the first big pack, which of course feared the tank and dps into another pack, one of which was a hard hitting mob.

I remember being in the zone, hitting the tools, and we were successful. At the end, my friends congratulated me at the skillful healing. after that, I hit every heroic and raid I could.

'Course - Wrath hit, and shadow was in demand. Was a shadow girl all the way through it, miss my healing sparklies!
Awh I love the stories! ^.^ It's so nice to see all your "moments".
I think that confidence is a HUGE factor in healing... perhaps that is what I was lacking in druid healing all along.
Probably the Lich King fight when the Pally got sucked in to Shadowmourne. The two tanks are as far away from each other as possible to keep Lich King and ghosties away from each other. I have never run that much while mashing buttons! haha

Or H-Saurfang was a beast. Pally got the three people with marks, I had the two tanks and those with the blood boil debuff. I almost broke my 3 key lol.
Back when ICC was first released(some time around there), my guild and I decided to the the Weekly _____Must Die! It turned out to be Anub'Rekhan. Before the pull, I decided to do a leeroy moment, little did I know it was only me, one tank, and 1-2 dps. I was still specced shadow, and had to transform out and single heal it. Was quite the "PRESS FLASH HEAL HARDER" experience.
As stated by Sinfully, my poor three key is also abused so. :P
I still very strongly remember the first time I ever healed at max level (70 at the time)--heroic Underbog! This character was a draenei back then... I was holy and scared crapless. I had terrible gear, no addons, and didn't really understand how prayer of mending worked. But nobody died!

I wouldn't say I ever had a eureka moment where I finally felt like a healer. I've ALWAYS felt like a healer, ever since white mages in Final Fantasy I :) It's just my niche.
I'm not in a super-skilled guild, but I had one of the best LK 10 kills two weeks ago.

We had a terrible transition. I think 3 people were dead after that. Then we lost two to valks (plus our OT just plain fell off the platform as he was hitting a valk, no assistance required), and people were calling wipes. We had a bear tank, me (disc priest), a holy pally, and three dps (hunter, ret pally, and someone else). We got through phase 2 and somehow got through the transition (I had a spirit wailing on me for quite a while until the tank picked it up). Phase 3 was ridiculously hectic, but we were keeping up. Then the holy pally gets picked for Frostmourne room. Well, !*%#. I thought we were done, because I'd have to solo heal the tank through Soul Harvests (or whatever they're called) as well as the Vile Spirits. Turns out I managed until the pally got out, and we downed him and got Been Waiting A Long Time For This. Great success.
My healing "moment" is also my worst horror story.

I was level 77 going through normal HoL. The tank was.. well, he held threat over me (the healer) and that's all that really mattered, as it turned out. The dps was shocking. General was a nightmare, but somehow the tank managed to single pull him without the lightning debuff. Volkahn was no real problem. We got through the statue room VERY CAREFULLY. And then we got to Ionar. Then the crap hit the fan.

All I remember, was myself doing 3k HPS (at L77, somehow), the tank topping dps at 800, the fight lasting over three minutes (because my guardian spirit cd came back up (I had to pop it on a dps that grabbed aggro early)) and nearly breaking my keyboard. The problem was, we had three melee dps and they ALL STOOD IN WITH THE DEBUFF. I almost cried. Looking at the meter after the fight, my overhealing was a measly 12%. I still have this screenshot somewhere on my external hard drive.

He didn't even drop any good loot.

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