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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
((Thought I'd share this with you fine folks! Give you something to read and advertise a little for my Server!))

Our presses were nearly shaken to bits, resulting in the late publication of the Enquirer. But here we are! Asking the important questions YOU seek the answers to!

Will Azeroth shatter like the outlands, or is this just a plot from the Twighlight Cultists?! Is our world truly doomed!?

Dear Asteris is SWAMPED with letters asking about love related advice! Isn't that sort of thing supposed to only happen during the Love Fool festival?

Mekgineer Davvi Dolittle talks about how to get started in the Never-Dull world of Engineering!

Cyda Gwae'nóna once again comes to us with a few unorthodox 'home remedies' for common ailments, this month: Aching muscles and bones! This time with 50% less snark!

This month's rumors and whispers are especially scandalous! A murdered Knight Lord? An elf falling dead on the steps of the Wyrmhearth Tavern? Exploding Rats? And so much more!


OOC Section:

What you have just seen is the third edition of the Azerothian Enquirer. Myself, and all contributors, hope you enjoyed it. We'd also like you to know a little bit more about this project and how you can help!

It came to me several months ago, that it would be a really nifty idea to have a sort of server run newspaper for characters to read. And so I started brainstorming for The Azerothian Enquirer. The “newspaper” will be posted every month and is meant to be a resource for both the Alliance and Horde on Sentinels. That said, this kind of project needs something vital to thrive: The Community.

If this resource is to exist for the community, the community must breathe life into it! What I will be looking for is the following:
Information on the reported impending doom of the world we live on!

* Horde reporters to keep us abreast of events and the like on that side of the pond!

* Community members contributing their own articles (example: world events or educational articles, perhaps even debates). If you have an idea you'd like to see in the paper do not be shy!

* RP Event Info so our reports can attend and get the word out! Parties, Taverns, Weddings, Funerals, you name it we want an invitation!

* Letters to the Editor – have your character tell us their thoughts, even if they are complaints!

* Photos (aka Screenshots) from Abroad. Turn off your interface and give it a go!

* Questions for the Ask Asteris column!

* Information on any Wanted individuals!

* And as listed in the IC section, for a small fee: personal, crafting, and guild ads! Is your character great with a thread and needle? Or perhaps just in need of a date. The Enquirer can help!

* Any rumors your character may know of or be involved with (these can be cross posted from the thread sharing the same name).

If you have any of the above you can email it to the staff of the Enquirer at the following address:

Here is to hoping our community thrives!
I may have to roll a DK on Sentinels. This sounds like fun ^.^
It really is!~ Sentinels is a great, friendly place! Send me an IG mail if you decide to test the waters!~
Oh definitely. I've been looking to really RP ^.^ Still on a mad dash to get this toon to lvl 80 before Cata, so I might only dabble in Sentinels until then. But I'll give it a shot ^.^

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