So My Boyfriend Proposed...

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... through World of Warcraft. A couple days ago I woke up to find that I had some new toons on my account that I didn't remember making, on a server I've never played on.

OFC I said yes! Just thought I'd share. I'm so excited I could burst! :D
Nerdy proposals for the win.
That is so cute! Grats!! =)
Lol Questionmark.
nerds heuheueheuheuehe, jk gratz

I was going to make this exact friggin' joke.

But congratulations!

Am I invited to the wedding?
Awwww that's so cute n sweet!! congrats to u both n big props to him for the proposal!! xD
-indecipherable noise of cuteness-
Lost it at Questionmark. Very nerdy, very cute, and very sentimental.


Absolutely full of win!

He secretly wants you to roleplay a panda in bed fyi...

Report him for hacking your account.

Oh, and grats :)
Heh love hearing these kinds of stories...awhile back I remember someone saying they wanted to break the news to their husband in game that they were pregnant and was asking for a good way to do that....

One person had the WIN of a suggestion. Since they were both raiders...and he tanked the person suggested that she tell him during a boss fight....preferably slightly before he needed to taunt....thereby wiping the group as no doupt the husband would of rushed to give his wife a huge hug and big kiss....if he was a good husband :)

I imagine 5 mins later he remembered about the raid :)
I absolutely love stories like these. Big grats!!
Awwww :D Gratz
Aw, that's so cute! Congrats OP, best wishes and many years of happiness to you both. <3
That is just too cute!!! (Love the Questionmark character..)
Coming from someone who just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary yesterday, I wish you both all the best in your future life together!
Now, get to leveling those toons he rolled for

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