Got the cloak doing melee DPS on 5th pull...

Wasn't as hard as I was led to believe, you just have to take the right talents with it. In fact, I did it without a food buff. I went out just to do some research on it and after the second pull, figured that hey, I might actually get this. I did have a flask on, though.

These talents, I'd consider mandatory:

* Repentance
* Divine Purpose
* Light's Hammer

I'd also recommend taking these:

* Long Arm of the Law
* Selfless Healer
* Unbreakable Spirit

Also -- and I can't possibly stress the following enough -- make sure you are running Glyph of Mass Exorcism and Glyph of Divine Storm. If you're running Glyph of Divine Storm along with Divine Purpose, you'll get a 5% self heal every time DP procs, and you will need it.

Avoiding the damage cone wasn't hard at all -- just commit to getting way behind him when he casts it and stop DPS during that time. Put him to sleep with Repentance often (right after he casts the bloods), throw down a Light's Hammer in the middle of them, and Mass Exo/HoTR/Divine Storm the crap out of them. Then self heal (you should have a free Selfless Healer proc by then) and you still have time to move behind him and get a free shot at his back while he's asleep (damage buff in that position). I got off several crits of close to 1 million while "waking him up."

When he casts the mirror images, Judgement one of them. With Long Arm, you'll speed through the rest, dropping HoTRs, Divine Storms and Mass Exos.

On all of my wipes, it was because I screwed up the Repentance cast. Took me 33 minutes to get the cloak.
Who said this was hard? With a good combination of burst DPS, self heals, and not standing in !@#$, this quest becomes very easy. It's almost like it was made for Ret lol.
09/04/2013 08:03 AMPosted by Nc
Who said this was hard? With a good combination of burst DPS, self heals, and not standing in !@#$, this quest becomes very easy.

A lot of people. A lot of people sadly actually say it's impossible if you aren't in full raid gear.

09/04/2013 08:03 AMPosted by Nc
It's almost like it was made for Ret lol.

I'm still almost completely unaware of the mechanics, I've only read about them in passing. I killed him before the second wave of oozes, and only barely visually registered the first wave.
Wasn't It in a recent hotfix that they toned down the dmg that the adds did?
Was after I had completed the tank challenge so I wasn't able to check it out.

Edit, found the patch note itself,


Celestial Blessings: Reduced the health and damage of Neltharion's Tears for players attempting Yu'lon or Xuen's Celestial Challenge.
I was able to get lucky enough to be able to get the cloak on day 1, I think I was only around like 530? if that, I 1shot it without having a single clue whats going on. If you're good at being melee it's easy, that and the amount of self heal you have makes it a joke lol

also @op you should change one of your haste/stam gems to haste/hit since youre just a bit below hitcap
They nerfed it awhile ago.
They did nerf it, but like Majin I did it way before. It really is an encounter that ret does really well at if you line up a full burst window from behind.. the damage you do is amazing.
It is a tough fight at first. You have to really think it through. I know people who are still trying to get it after several weeks. After a half dozen or so fails. I had to stop and make some changes.

I've seen that Repentance method advised by a a number of people who have gotten through this fight. I tried it and found it a little awkward. Not knockin you or your method I just preferred a more sustained DPS fight staying on Wrathion the whole time racking up the damge on him.

I switched to Seal of Righteousness and used Glyph of Mass Exorcism (as you did) which made the adds phases easier. Glyph of Divine Storm as you point out is really good for this fight.

- And as Cayse says I made sure this time to take full advantage of the DPS buff gained from attacking Wrathion from behind. I stayed there the whole fight as best I could. Staying behind him is also advised so as to avoid getting hit by his frontal attack

The Celestial Offering from the August Celestials Quartermaster for a 10% strength buff is helpful obviously

And of course flask and combine your Potion of Mogu Power with your burst DPS macro
I forgot to mention that I did buy the Celestial coin before going out. If you've got the rep to get it, it definitely helps.

I don't know when they nerfed the adds, but I did this quest about 3-4 weeks ago and was going to come in and share my experiences then, but for some reason I've not been able to log into the forums here for a few weeks, I guess due to browser problems.

And yeah, this fight love rets. I can't imagine doing this on my warrior once he gets up here. Our self-heals are a huge advantage to this fight, as is Repentance if you choose to go that way.
I did mine this past week. I died 3 times but got it on the 4th. Like another poster said you can move and hit you abilities at the same time you will be fine. I would think Ret probably has it easier than the other classes for this one.

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