Dungeons/raids for farming for enchanting?

Ok so...I'm lvl 69 now and I started to do enchanting. I got my enchanting lvl from killing everything in the deadmines, which brought my enchanting lvl from 1 to 60 with all the stuff I disenchanted and then enchanted my bracers and chest repeatedly. Which dungeon should I raid next for enchant mats since my enchant lvl is 60 now? I know I should take up tailoring, but I don't have the patience to do 2 profs. at once, and besides..it's fun to raid and do dungeons, and it's not hard at 69. Is there some list or page which tells which dungeons you can get mats from to disenchant based on your current enchanting lvl?
Go to Wowhead. Check the item level of the drops to see which dungeons drop the same item levels.
The best (by far) profession to pair with enchanting is jewelcrafting. Tailoring is a distant second once you reach frostweave.

Using one of these two professions is how Enchanters who intend to make a profit gather their materials. They don't bother to run dungeons at all. They do run Looking for Raid to acquire Sha Crystals at max level however.

If you do not intend to sell your enchants you don't have to worry about a steady stream of supplies. You can simply buy what you need from the Auction House. You can often find materials that are not difficult to acquire for fairly low prices if you keep an eye on the AH. You also do not need a single Greater Eternal Essence to reach Enchanting 600.

The add-on Enchantrix will tell you what kind of dust/shards and item will give you if it is disenchanted.

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