which spec will be best for pvp in 5.4?

Hey everyone, just came back from a long needed break and decided to roll a pally. I play a rp PVE realm but like to do bgs every now and then and never got to read up on the patch notes. Could you all do me a favor and tl;dr me what spec will be best pvp wise for the next patch? is it still going to be retibution?
also is it true holy pallys may make a comeback?
is 5.4 looking good,bad or meh for paladins?
Yeah Retribution is the way to go, it's probably the second best spec for melee PvP, that being under Feral Druids.

If you want to PvP while leveling, I'd suggest speccing Prot, Avenging Shield is pretty much 50% of the enemies health, Prot Warriors can do this as well with Shield Slam. It's not effective at end game PvP though, for some reason it just doesn't do as much damage at later levels.

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