Justice Points and Valor Points 5.4 Changes

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Got a question or two. I've read the guides how Valor items will be coverted to Justice points items.

1. Are we going to get a new set of Valor point items?

2. The quest reward for Pandaria are in valor points. Will those quests all be changed to reward Justice points?

3. Items upgrades are in valor points, will that be changed to Justice points?

4. I gave up all my convictions to PVP just so I could get better gear. I can understand 2 types of PVP (easy hard paths) but you have to run dungeons to get Justice and Valor items (at least until Pandaria) Justice point gear is worthless already. It's worse than PVP(current season). So why do we need both Valor items and Justice items since they're supposed to be for PVE? How about make one set of PVE armor? Or how about one set of cheap PVE armor and another of Better PVE armor and one kind of currency? I.E. BP cheap is 1000 points better BP is 2500 points.

5. If I have to run dungeons for Justice points, or sell out to PVP again, to buy the current Valor faction reward armor how does that help the non-raid non-PVP people? I thought this was the point in making decent PVE armor available my kind of player?
1. No, there is no new gear for VP. The Timeless Isle will fill that role.

2. No, they will stay as Valor Points.

3. Unknown

4. Not sure what the question is.

5. There is no "current valor faction" as of 5.4. The Island will handle gear and it's done with a different process.

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