5.4 Heirloom Enchants

Do the MoP shoulder and leg 'enchants' fron non-enchanters work on heirlooms after the patch? Any difference between between tiger fang and greater tiger fang at level 40?

It would be great if there was some type of table listing each enchant and what benefit it provides every 10 levels or so. If someone finds something like that please post a link.

Update: Upgraded my heirloom shoulders and legs but had to use this toon, which is over 85, then mail back to my lowbie alt. When you shop for enchants on your alt it will show the actual stat increase for the level the toon is at instead of the normal amount.
So did the Greater Tiger Fang enhancement scale down to your low level character? I want to put this on a BOA and level a new character. Will it scale down to a level 10 character? Will it make the BOA soulbound?

Update: It doesn't make them soulbound and you can put any on the BOA and it will scale down.
I found out you have to enchant the Shadowleather leg enchant and tiger fang shoulder enchant on a level 85 or higher toon (requirement of the enchant) - but once I did I could mail both the shoulders and legs to my new Rogue. And yes, they scaled!

None of the other enchants required me to do that.
The shoulder and leg enchants have to be done by an 85+ toon, then mailed. The rest your lowbie can do thereselves. Observe my armory to see full heirlooms and enchants.

Edit: It shows the enchants, but not the level-appropriate scaling.
I'll just leave this here.


Oh hell yeah. Thanks for this link.
I'll just leave this here.


Just chiming in to say THANKS! This is exactly what I was looking for!
I'll just leave this here.


This is amazing, thanks for sharing.

I know this is bordering on a necro, but I wanted to point this out in case google directs anyone else to this thread - you are welcome to use the Secret Inscription on your BoA, but it doesn't actually tell you that you need 575 Inscription for it to become active until you mail it to your alt.

So yeah, save yourself some ink and just use the BoE inscriptions.
I'll just leave this here.


Holy cow! You are the man!
Holy cow! You are the man!

Holy Smokes! You are da man!!

This epic tome is a beacon of light, parting the shadows that Bliz has cast over our profession. May the Celestials bless you and your raids!
Excellent link! I was buying a red gem cut last night on my level 1 bank alt and noticed the bold primordial ruby stat gave +6 and I was used to seeing it at it's normal level 90 +160. So figured they made everything scale down. Great to see it in black and white though.
Also wanted to mention that as long as you are applying the enchants or whatnot to BoA gear you can ignore any warnings for "Applying this will cause the item to become souldbound"

However don't forget and try to mail BoE gear and try to apply enchants that may cause something to be Souldbound (such as a scope for a gun)

I'm unsure if high level enchants can be applied by a high level toon through a trade window "Item to be Modified" for non-BoA gear. Can anyone confirm?
I tried to enchant someone's shoulders using the trade window and the do not trade slot. But it told me I must own the piece I wish to enchant. Also the link to the spreadsheet must have to be viewed on a desktop or something. Cuz my iPad and iPhone are having major issues trying to make heads or tails of any of it.
yes; i have 3 toons with all lvl 90/85 enchants ( the BiS PvE enchants on all their heirlooms ). GREATER is always better that is BiS in mop. as for stat increase idk i don't care for checking stat increases every single level it does scale with level so the better one is always better.
i got 24 twink rogue. i got 15 agi on a dagger that says it has 15 agi on it. i also have 26 agi on another dagger but for some wack reason that 26 agi scales down to only 10. on top of that i was looking a the agi total for the toon and when i remove the 15 agi dagger with its added 3 agi stat that comes on the dagger itself, i loose 22 agi as if it gives me more agi then it says. wierd. i also got +15 all stats on my boa chest peice and it says i have +15 stats on it, without the chest peice on i have 1848 hp, the chest peice should raise the hp by 28 stam (280hp) making my total hp 2128, but when i put it on i have 1988hp and that is only a total of 140hp gained....wierd. the most hp iv seen was 3500hp at lvl 24. how did they get that? how come im not even close? the items i named are only few weird mix ups that are going on. it seems as tho due to scaling the higher lvl enchants arent always the best at low lvl as they can somtimes scale to lower numbers. also it would really help if the numbers on my gear where true and affected my toon according to those numbers. i am beggening to wonder if my character is glitched or blizz just needs to work out some bugs for the new scaling......ty for reading
I have noticed that when I enchanted my BOA shoulders and legs I'm level 30 (on a warrior, not this bank toon) and they're still not scaling, how long do I have to wait? I've also taken the armor off and made sure that the stats that I lost are accurate to what the enchants say...

They scale to the next bracket at 60.
does 80 stats to chest scale better than +100hp?
I managed to get that spreadsheet to load (ty vm) but having trouble calculating on bow effective dmg.

For 1-60 would 33 haste be better than a chance at 68 agi?
That spreadsheet has errors. Peerless stats to the chest gives +20 to all stats even at low levels. In the spreadsheet it says "+3 to all."

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